What's wrong with Subaru engines in bay window campers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pickles, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Not arguing
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    Shut up Haynes!
  3. Yes you are:cool:
  4. Sorted!
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  5. Shut up Haynes!
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  6. Not
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  7. Yep, my Dells too! Fantastic quality and price. Michele wasn't it? 'Italian Carburettors' (or something equally self explanatory) I think it was called?
    The email address on this looks familiar:
    Jetted for the bus and ready to go.

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  8. Have you ever driven a Commer ...i think you will find you have to sail them
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  9. Are you nuts ...People who come from Castle Donnington drive like lunatics driving round nasty bends on country roads with twisted contorted facial expressions :eek:;)
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  10. I have
    And A J4 nice and bouncy
    A bit like a Rocking horse if you could drive one :)
  11. This thread takes me back to being in the triumph stag owners club. Its just back then it was letters in the monthly mag- could go on for years :)
    Back then it was Rover V8 or straight 6 triumph - I think they finally managed to round em all up and burn em at the stake :eek::D
  12. Drop a scooby engine in and you have a powerboat!
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  13. Hey Wilf
    Not a bad turnout on this
    152 replies and counting
    Great thread nipper
    Thanks :)
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  14. Hey Wally
    Well it is your thread, it could only be great anyway how's your angst ... not sure who you are calling nipper or Wilf.
  15. What's a slot mag?
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    Wheel. These are some--- fugly things!

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    I like them.
  18. once had some of them on a 76 4.2 jag :)
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    QUOTE="crossy2112, post: 1290345, member: 18566"]once had some of them on a 76 4.2 jag :)[/QUOTE]
    I was more surprised to find a picture of a lowlight that wasn't beiige!
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  20. Thanks for the information Malc. TBH I like the look of those too.

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