What's wrong with Subaru engines in bay window campers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pickles, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Custardcreams?
  2. The bus was washed up in a crate, and the engine washed up in a water tight pallet, would you fit it?
  3. How bigs the island and is there a full tank of petrol?
  4. I don't know, it a bloody desert island, it's got a full tank and a fridge full of londons finest( go easy @Geordie you know what happened last time you got on the cockney ale) would you fit it
  5. Have we got tools a wiring loom and a road to drive on when finished :thinking:

    It getting all confusing :burp::D

  6. Desert Island Disks
    Island .png
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  7. :thinking::burp:
  8. Right you've build a lovely road with flowers all along it, the wiring loom has been dropped in by a plane, would you fit the Illegitimate child
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  9. Let me have a think :thinking:

    Sod it - fridge is full lets get ratted :burp::beer:

    Oh forgot its that cockney dish water :D
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  10. I think in this instance you'd be better off staying air-cooled, after all where are you going to get the coolant from?
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  11. Oy, mods!!
  12. Right Bazza suppose I would convert camper into a boat I wouldn't use to engine. Just can't bring myself to do that. I'd drift in the ocean for weeks/months....,until I was saved by a big cruise liner taking all the miss world candidates on a three month vacation sponsored by Fullers beer off course. Is though job but someone's gotta do it;)
    Then when i get back home I will write a book Titled......To Subaru or not Subaru........................
    Where I will make gazillions.
    And fit a 911 Aircooled engine:eek:
  13. Why an Aircooled engine what wrong with a Subaru, you Anti's are such snobs
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