Want a type 4 but put off by experts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. According to the rolling road he used, 177ft/lbs but only 103.5 bhp.
    Standard 2.0l 71mm stroke, 104mm bore for 2412cc. Standard cam, H beam rods, 1700 heads with, I think, 41mm x 34mm valves.
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  2. Well then maybe you won't go Subaru!
    I've read some of your old posts from years back
    You're old school
    That ain't easy to break :)
  3. Who knows!

  4. Its a stonking road engine by all accounts. Built for useable power. Will have to blag a ride at some point. standard exhaust system and 29 chokes mean it will be tight and torquey too!
  5. Try not to err from the original way VW made it, if at all possible. Be worth far more when you pass (it) on...
  6. Mines an old uk bus thats been kept on the road by some mild resto and some running repairs. Its rusty and needs tlc. Unlikely id restore it fully. Dont see the point. Its never going to be worth much!
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  7. It is indeed a good bus engine but a longer stroke would make it even better. 30mm chokes by the way, but what’s a mm. :)
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  8. Before I start what you put in your bus is your choice and does not bother me.
    Your right about resale 'cos if you've changed to a total different set up, a buyer is going to be wary about how well it has been done and if they are going to be able to maintain fabricated parts. Not everyone is technically minded enough to suss out a good or bad alteration. So will possible shy away.
    For what its worth Mrs C says if a scooby is better for the bus get it done!!
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  9. If my mrs told me to go Subaru
    Then I would have to seriously consider a divorce :)
  10. Unlikely id ever sell so not really an issue for me.
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  11. Yes dear I know that they made a cheap alternative to a Land Rover
    But they have no place anywhere near my volksie
  12. She didn't tell me, it was just a comment :thumbsup:

    Dicky never said you was. It's just that I had Stags for 20 years and the folk who put straight 6 or Rover v8 never got the same money for 'em. As I said doesn't bother me either way.
    Same as liking the sound of an aircooled, I liked the sound of the Stag in original form and if built right where very good. An old Geek guy rebuilt 2 Stag engines for me and both never missed a beat.
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  13. Landcruiser all day long :thumbsup:
  14. Your answering your own posts now you crazy fool!
  15. Like the avatar. My bus is called Sopwith simply because of how it used to sound.
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  16. Avatar is just a little red German plane. Can't remember who built 'em :D
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  17. Stan Boardman might know!
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  19. Before long most of the stuff you put on your VW will be imported from China.
    I'd opt for Japanese over Chinese any day.
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  20. As an aside , a definate POST OF THE YEAR contender - nearly choked on mi gin ..


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