Want a type 4 but put off by experts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Nothing stupid about my engine done more miles this year than any other since owning the bus and that's all down to having confidence in it.

    someone else mentioned the fact that you hadn't been on this thread and then up you pop, so that's two of us and that equals we.

    try trolling somewhere else.
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  2. Interesting take on the thread, except dont quite understand the bit about the owners having the inability to understand what they own and why they own it?
    And personally I will be driving round in my little T2 for as long as I possibly can - wouldnt consider a T5
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  3. It didn't make much sense to me to be honest.
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  4. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Most bonkers post of the year contender :thumbsup:
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  5. @StuF what is the torque difference with the 2.5 vs. the 2.0?
  6. in addition to heritage, there are also several options available from these guys:

  7. Typically the values are as below

    EJ25 165 bhp and 167lbf
    EJ20 113 bhp and 127lbf

    Although there are several variations on the outputs depending on SOHC/DOHC and what vehicle they were installed to as bhp varies with vehicle weight.
    A mild improvement from my old 50bhp aircooled lump
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  8. Sorry it's taken so long to reply to this - been travelling all over Europe.
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  9. just trying to get my head around that.. zed's big capacity type 4 had something like 170 lb/f torque didn't it?
  10. No idea - what was the spec of the type 4?
  11. That's some going, the bar is set very high this year:D
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  12. I will try the Bombay Sapphire tonight
    See if I can do better
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  13. Will you be able to reach it?
    Apparently the bar has been set very high!!! :)

    I’ll get my coat :rolleyes:
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  14. Im gutted I didn't get there first!
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  15. Never mind haven't you got some tinware to find?
    I wonder if Wilf flung his in the skip :)
  16. Dont think so. Ive a couple of sets kicking around!
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  17. I’d like to add that my beautiful purring T4 Engine in my T2 has never let me down and has just zoomed everywhere since I got the bus in 2012. But that’d jinx it so I won’t.
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  18. Well what you waiting for then
    Get and build that big motor
    I bet you don't
    More likely to Subaru I think :)
  19. Who knows. What ive got is fine for now. Like the idea of options though. Big bore / stroke type 4 does appeal. Had mine for a long time and im no slave to originality so who knows. Half a mind to go scooby, power steering the full trip and get shut of my car but other things to spend my cash on for a good while yet!
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  20. 2 large cottage pies
    So why wernt you at techenders ? :(
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