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    why don’t you get both? There’s a few folk on here with both. I’m just a leisure owner, not a liveaboard like Zed and the Busmonkeys. It gives you the best of both worlds :). I’m based on Mercia Marina on the Trent and Mersey canal. I preferred being on the canal than the river as I’m a baby and was scared of being swept away

    I love the boat and van, however I have spent more in one year of boat ownership than I have in 6 years of my van :eek:

    hope you get sorted. :)
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  2. Zed


    There's a fellow in the marina parked next to me. In the past 5 years he's visited his boat just twice and never even untied the mooring ropes. That's cost him £15K. In a month or two, because it has obviously suffered from the weather, he's having it repainted and because the degraded anodising on his windows will then look scruffy, he's going to throw them away and have new ones fitted. That little adventure will set him back another £10k. So - £25K plus the £60K he paid for his boat and he hasn't even used it - not once! He hasn't even spent a night on it!!!

    Boats IMO make no sense unless a) you have a million pounds in the bank and money doesn't matter to you or b) it's your home.

    B.O.A.T = Bring Out Another Thousand.
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  3. Hi Steels, I was about to post some suggestions re buying a Late Bay of which I know a little. Though ex Royal Navy, I really know very little about boat ownership apart from what I have heard said many times on the subject:
    " there are two great days in boat ownership, the day you buy it, and the day you sell it" !!!!!!!!!!!! Happy travels whether ore land or sea.
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  4. Thank you. How do I leave the forum please? I can't seem to find a link or button to press.
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    Why leave guys? It’d be great hearing your adventures from here on, just because you chose a different path…
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    It's like the Hotel California......
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  7. That's so kind of you thank you :)
  8. you just use it lots.
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    Yes indeed... but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. :)
  10. I suppose the flying Banana doesn’t get as much use now then Wilf ?:)
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    You can have your account deleted, but all your posts go as well.
  12. No it doesn't and the MOT has run out plus I changed jobs so working more and got a car with the job.
  13. Thank you for replying, I wouldn't want to delete the responses to my questions as I think they may be useful for others new to VW Bays so I will just sign out. Many thanks to everyone for their help.
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    Good choice, as long as we don’t all end up buying boats :)
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  15. Never say never :D
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    I’ve owned a few - still got a bit of an itch, but not getting any positive vibes from my other half :(
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    If she asks I'm saying nothing
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  18. Isn’t that Pwllheli marina? I’ve got my boat there
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  19. Well spotted, its where I bought it. But I live in Hampshire, so we moved it. I sailed from there to Milford H and then got it delivered as ran out of time due to poor weather. I enjoyed the passage across cardigan bay we left at Pwllheli at 03:00 in the dark and arrived Milford H in dark 24 hours later.
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