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  1. Great tips, thank you so much!
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. What type of boat do you have (just out of interest)?
  4. For what it's worth Mrs Norris spent a significant part of her childhood in various different VW campers. When it came to buying ours she knew exactly what layout she wanted - a Moonraker double top. Our bed is slightly narrower than Paul's, but does mean there is a bit more storage. We certainly don't feel cramped in a 3/4 bed. The main things I like is being able to stand up straight, and not having to have the door open to cook when it's chucking it down
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  5. Zed

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    Without being personal, the bed thing depends on your ... girth.

    I can say without doubt that although I'm as skinny as they come, my ex and myself would NOT have been comfortable in a 3/4 bed.
  6. Well yes, we are both of less sizeable proportion than some :)
  7. Baysearcher

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    You’d have to be bloody small to actually enjoy sleeping 2 up in a 3/4 bed.
    We’ve put up with it for 16+ years but it’s certainly not comfortable!
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    but you’re , how shall I say , hoooge ;)
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    How rude!
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  10. That’s why my Moonraker bed is now 200mm wider, much more comfortable.
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  11. Moody 336. Just been out on the Solent for the day.
    IMG_1474 copy 2.JPG
  12. Oh my she's looks very yare!
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  13. I agree, I don't think either of us would be classed as large (I'm 5'4" and just under 8 stone) however we have grown used to the space our super king bed at home gives us and feel we'd end up with bruised eyes and broken noses in anything too small! :D
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  15. G
    Hi got 1973 westfilia continental fully restored if interested live in Durham cheers syd
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  17. Hi got a 1973 westfilia fully restored if interested will send details
  18. I have had enough of the three quarter bed in T5 , such that i took a tent to techenders whilst she slept in the van, i would say that we are both above average weight of people at techenders . The full width bed in T2 is just fine but we have no issue with spare wheel as its not fitted in the well, we just put it under the van out the way when we camp.
  19. I think your rethink should conclude that whilst your heart might like the sound of a camper van, your head (and reality) is saying you actually need a motor home.

    A new one.....
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