Volksworld feedback sent today. Anyone agree?

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  1. Great to meet you too.
    Bristol VolksFest is good, loads to do all day and night in different areas - show cars, trade stalls, kids area - crafts and circus they can take part in , and different bands on different stages day and night.
    One of the best of the year :thumbsup:
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    How much is a weekend ticket ?
  3. .
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  5. 30 quid and NO BOOKING FEE
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  6. @nicktuft I’m sorry about that, @Suss was warned by security on three occasions to stay away from the toilets but did he listen :eek:
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  7. I paid £45 for camping and a pass into the show .
    Just drove into the camping area - no one checked if I'd paid or not ...
    The boys and girls who displayed their van got a discount and paid £30 .
    In previous years if your van was on display you got a couple of free weekend passes as a bit of enticement and paid 20 quid to camp . I know it's peanuts in the grand scheme of things but it's the principle.
    I can see them struggling to get people next year , this years atmosphere was very flat ...

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  8. I must admit the main reason I went to volksworld this year was so that I could finally meet up with some of TLB ers, it was great to meet so many of you, I was driven there in @Gingerbus lovely camper so I was able to have a few beers ( @Suss next time don’t leave your wallet in the car), as for the show if I’m honest I thought it was a bit disappointing
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  9. Yes ! But you didn’t hang around to me me Baz .. was I so disappointed

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  10. Yeah, I would have liked to spend a little bit more time chatting to you @baz... Didn't even get a chance to wind you up!

    Nice syrup though!
  11. Me too I was looking forward to having a chat, maybe you can come to my 40th birthday bash:thumbsup:
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  12. @Barry Haynes Don't we need a Teleporting Machine for that:cool:
  13. I told you I was under strict instructions to get him back before dark.
    Any later and they’d have had to alert the police.

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  14. You never were good at adding up

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  15. I was there ! Cool sound track...

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