Volksworld feedback sent today. Anyone agree?

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by ginger ninja, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Well done Paul

    I think I’ll be sending an email also

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  2. We didn’t go this year as it was crap last year! With 2 young kids and an old Vw it’s just the wrong time of year. We’d rather do Stanford hall or Action. We also have a great show ‘westest fest’ down here in Pembrokeshire. It’s in its 4th year this year and it’s just like they used to be back in the day - Cheap and cheerful! Camping, a few bands, a few stalls and a bunch of mates!
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  3. I Don't go to shows .

    That said , Volksworld is 10 minutes away and there's usually some friends making the effort so be rude not to show up for a shandy or two .
    Security and ticketing was a joke , Saturday afternoon I just drove into the camping and parked up - waste of 45 quid to be honest . Show wasn't worth the effort of a walk around , little relevance to what I enjoy looking at which ISN'T a row of trailer queens and better than new millionty quid restos . The atmosphere was 'flat'
    That said - Good to see people and have a catch up - well done to the Sunday crew for sticking it out . The descision of asking owners to PAY for the privilege of showing their vehicle then spending 9 hours PER DAY virtually imprisoned needs looking at .

    I don't do shows , with good reason it seems ...

    Email sent this evening - I'm not holding my breath...

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  4. Cheers. Yeah I think it’s worth it. If enough people say the same things it might get stuff done. It’s my local show and by March I’m gagging to go there and meet up with you lot. A couple of years ago we had such a great time and the atmosphere was spot on. I’ll give it a go again next year to see if they’ve listened to us!
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  5. Spot on ! It’s an insult being charged

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  6. I've never been to volksworld, but have run a VW show - it's a lot of work.

    Lots of local VW clubs run shows that aren't profit making, try checking some of those out.

    The one I was involved with cost less than a weekend camping, had some good local bands, free autojumble and a wide variety of vw's and people.

    Local shows can be a good place to meet up with friends and fellow vw lovers for a cheap yellow snow up in field and are a good alternative to 'large' vw shows.

    That said i enjoy an occasional Bug jam
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  7. So feck off then basically.

    I went a few years back when I first got my van. Didn’t think much off it. Second year a friend had his van on show for a poptop company. Not been since.

    Wouldn’t mind going for the camping night out but not at £45
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  8. davidoft

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    How much would you expect to pay for 2 days camping and 2 days of a car show?
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  9. £1.00?o_O
  10. Rez


    You UK guys don't realise how good ye have it.
    It took me 4 days to attend Volksworld in my bay last year.
    Theres nothing like it in Ireland
  11. I don’t care about the show. Just camping is fine.

    £45 is ok price but it’s not what I would partially want. I’d rather pay £20 to be at Ed’s
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  12. davidoft

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    But that’s a different thing to the show not being worth it
  13. Me not say it wasn’t worth it.

    I’d go for the Camping with tlb lot but not fussed about the show. Been twice and not fussed.
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  14. Do you show your $c**$ at shows :D
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  16. davidoft

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    For the right money ;)
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  17. @nicktuft . You accosted me in the toilets!:eek:
  18. Yes I did and you pointed me in the direction of snotty and bazza..
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  19. £2.50 with a band:lol:
  20. Hi all. Was my first show as an adult. Went to one years back when my parents had a camper. I think for the money it is fine. I did expect there to be more to see/watch. The only performance as such was putting up a tent. What happened to how many people can you fit in a beetle? I think for us probably not enough to see to go again, but this is probably more about my expectations being wrong. What is the just Kampers show like or the Bristol volks fest?
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