Volksworld feedback sent today. Anyone agree?

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by ginger ninja, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. If it’s not a business to make a profit what incentive is there to run a show? And I can’t understand how giving the profits to charity could make the running of the show better.
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  2. It was a suggestion not a marriage proposal:D anything better that the currant status quo.

    But honesty i don't care i don't bother with em:thumbsup:
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  3. davidoft

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    Show business ;)
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  4. Look Dave what ever you want!
    What ever you need! You pay your money make your choice;)

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  5. I like the local country shows like the Laughton Show in East Sussex. These local shows are inexpensive and most offer camping and loads of variety to do for all ages. I like them because they are not just VW shows.
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  6. The workmanship that one possesses I do on a daily basis ;)

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  7. I had mates say the show was quiet and expensive..
  8. Why bother!

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  9. I’ve heard they stuck in :D
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  10. ;)

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    How much would one consider cheap, I went to mega bowl for a couple of hours with the children and it was more for an hour than a day at the Volksworld show, I wonder what people think cheap is and what they think they should get?
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  12. Volksworld can’t survive without the enthusiasts.

    The enthusiasts can survive without Volksworld.

    That’s why Kelsey should listen to the well intentioned feedback.

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  13. Also, the show is a cheap way of Kelsey getting fresh cars (i.e. they are looking for copy) for their mags, without having to go search for cars etc.
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  14. You'd think that would make it easy for them, they are not very good at arranging that though.
  15. 'Tis true:thumbsup:, they saw and looked at my bus and wanted to arrange a feature:eek:, but I sold it.
    Goes to the Netherlands next week :(. I'll let the new owner know though ;)
  16. Baysearcher

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    No, its a show put on by a business.
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  17. Baysearcher

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    That’s a no then?
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  18. So this was their reply. Quick positive reply at least.

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. You have raised lots of great points and these have been logged for our feedback meeting.

    Van-Man is awesome and Antonio and his team have already been booked again for next year!

    Value for money is a big priority for families and again this has been noted for the meeting.

    Many thanks, Pippa

    VolksWorld Show

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  19. Well you got brushed under the carpet but did you feel better for getting it off your chest? If it makes you feel better I honestly haven’t or ever will go to this show and your feed back is Part of the reason. That and also it’s on in March and hours away from me. :thumbsup:
  20. I think that depends on wheher improvements are made next year.

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