Volksworld feedback sent today. Anyone agree?

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by ginger ninja, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Hi

    My friends and family enjoyed a great weekend as usual at this year's Volksworld show. We have been going for many years now and always camp out for the weekend. It's a great season opener. Thank you for this.

    Although we love it we do want to give a bit of feedback in order to improve things for next year.

    We adore Van man. Antonio and his crew are fantastic! What a guy. Kind and patient. However, could we have more children's entertainment for the older ones?

    Previous years has seen giant Scalextrics and computer game consoles. Both of which were missing this year. Also a big screen with some volume would be great to view the back to back Herbie films. The smallish TV with hardly any sound was insufficient.

    In the Parade ring area was a split-screen van DJ set. Amazing sounds but the constant hardcore rave music didn't suit a lot of peoples' taste. Could we have a bit of variety and a break from them? Perhaps broken up with a variety of tunes old and new? Perhaps bands playing on the red brick area side (not just the race track side). Their sound system was amazing but some variety of tunes please! The mixture of young children plus old VW types need more than just hard core rave. It also drowned out the PA announcer for all the info and competition activities.

    Finally no free gooddie bag! Last year we got a hoodie and a t-shirt plus a bag of bits. This year a 'Free' event program (thanks!) and a £5 voucher for stuff we normally get free and only if you spend £15 at the volksworld stand!

    This is probably difficult to hear but for the price we pay we normally get better value for our money.

    I look forward to your response.

    Best regards

    Paul and family.

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  2. No it's me. Don't normally moan but thought they could use the feedback. As we haven't got a lot of money and felt a little short changed.
    I know you can't please everyone but the people I spoke to were all saying the same things.
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  3. Yeh that lot are a bunch of copy cats :D
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  4. i stopped going yeas ago because i didnt think it was up to the hipe of the show , was full of cheque book restos , not enough of the man in the st , not enough on practical restoration, to many men trying to be teenagers , over priced stock , i then there waS THE KNOBS IN THE SPLIT SCREEN CLUB , wasn t worth the money , but tatton thats a better show
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  5. @ginger ninja agree with your comments.

    split bus dj was giving me a headache - amazed they didn't ask him to shut up with the guys were doing the awning competition on the lawn..
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  6. I couldn’t agree more!
    It was lacking the usual buzzing atmosphere from a couple of years ago. That’s why some of us decided not to show on Sunday. My Wife popped down late on Saturday expecting it to be busy with bands playing around the rear arena as before .... So disappointed. And your right about the lack off or the non existent activities for kids.

    COME ON KELSEY SORT YOURSELVES OUT PLEASE, or this show is going to die

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  7. Look you should have book a one month holiday in Barbados like the organiser did on the Monday:lol:
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  8. I did ! But cancelled due to Volksworld

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  9. Shows should be about having fun not being spanked for lots of money. More importantly all profits should go to charity.
    not in someone fat wallet. They would be better run that way.
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  10. Show and shine should be on a Saturday not Sunday most people are gone by late morning
  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    If all profits went to charity there would be no shows.....
    Wouldn't bother me as I think they're cr@p, but loads of people would presumably miss them.
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  12. You can still pay the people that run them i mean the profits :cool:
  13. i learn more on here , i see top class restorations on here and other sites, the amount of on the shelf knowledge is unreal and its on tap , the miss match of people is nice,

    the big shows have lost that , thats what i think
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  14. The thing with shows it gives some people a chance to get yellow snowed n have a laugh with their mates n eat out n stuff you just can’t do with your wife :D
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  15. The other side was that they had a lot of security over on the campsite. Who never came round and checked us. Like they used to.
    And who apppeared to be charging random and surprisingly large multiples of £15 to people who had not prebooked.
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  16. Was there on Saturday and agree, it was a LOT quieter than previous years, significantly less trade stalls for VW bits, and missing the feel of previous years (maybe because it wasnt crowded ).

    My 10 year old VW mad daughter wont go again as, in her words, where is the racing car game, what do sweet stalls have to do with VW, why are so many of the shops from last year not here, why wont the music van play killers, can we go now.....

    So yes, Kelsey, if you want my money next year you need to reinstate the older children's activities ( especially the Scalextric ), lower the cost for trade stalls to get more of them back, more music variety, and try to remember its a VW show, so keep it focussed
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  17. why would ye take your wife , she doesn t take you when she s haven an affair lol
  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Its a business.....
    Would you give your profits to charity?
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  19. Started looking for stuff in the trade area and found it very overpriced so stopped. £8 for a poppered curtain strap was very naughty.
    We get better stuff on here and at a reasonable price.
    The only real bonus is the craic..
    My favourite car was the silver vw Porsche 914.6.
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