VolksWorld 2015 - 28 & 29 March Volunteers wanted for line-up

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Do you want to display at VolksWorld

  1. Yes - happy to display both days

  2. Can only display Saturday

  3. Can only display Sunday

  4. Willing to volunteer as a reserve

  5. Jen - I'd assumed you'd vanished... :)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Public Service Announcement to all at VolksWorld.
    One of the VW community ROTHFINK have had a 20' banner stolen overnight Friday into Saturday from their display at VolksWorld. They're asking for people to keep a look out and any info.
  2. Again? Didn't this happen at another show last year?
  3. Could always be a way of getting advertising and getting their name about. ... Not really a sceptic am I
  4. Thanks for a great weekend

  5. Here here !
  6. Thanks for a on a Sunday

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