VolksWorld 2015 - 28 & 29 March Volunteers wanted for line-up

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Do you want to display at VolksWorld

  1. Yes - happy to display both days

  2. Can only display Saturday

  3. Can only display Sunday

  4. Willing to volunteer as a reserve

  5. Jen - I'd assumed you'd vanished... :)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I did the sheet using Scribus open source (free ) desktop publishing. http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Download

    Link to document - 20 megabytes : will take a while to download from my fileserver : http://hamble.demon.co.uk/vowo14/Folder/Volksworld.sla.gz

    I use Microsoft Word at work and it drives me mental making everything stick to where I want it on the page.

    @JenW: thanks for reminding me where to go this time. It was a bit tricky finding TLB last time as it was so full of VWs.
    Just head down to the club house and turn right at the end of the rows of toilets...

    You mean we will be displaying on a slope ... time to bring some chocks:)
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  2. I'll look out for u mick I'll be there early
  3. So @JenW and others with VoWo experience, this will be my 1st time at Volksworld other than as a day visitor. Any tips as to what to bring for display purposes and for camping? All hints and tips accepted and welcomed!
  4. Beer food beer and paracetamol :beer:
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  5. In that order of quantity?
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  6. Pretty much just enjoy ya self !! I only took a few bits that I could hide away as it's on display !! And make some lunch it cost a fortune to eat !! I'll be up early cooooking anyways so I'll knock u up some brekie and a brew !!
  7. It is very cold at night - they say no firepits but ignore this - everyone else has them (just try and protect the grass). Bring food to cook, booze to drink, layers for the evening, a few bits and bobs for when you display (if you like)...
  8. And a folding chair for Friday and shades or a big hat to wear slumped in said chair case the sun shines and you have been drinking.

    Bring a mug or something for tea or coffee. Some brewups may happen during the show at quiet times.

    And that exhibitors need to drive a few hundred yards on the public roads on Saturday morning if we are going in the front gate.

    Your gearbox nosecone coupler needs to be in good state, as they do tend to fall off. Mine sort of fell off on Friday as my busses wheels sank into the muddy patch in the camping area, and I think somebody else's fell off in the car park waiting to go in on Saturday morning.

    And we get to see the episode of Wiseman goes Wild when security staff march him off-stage with his illicitly cooked gourmet lunch cooked on the grass by the winners enclosure. No ! No! No Cooking on the grass ! you shall haz hamburger not good foods.
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  9. @matt - still need reg number, mobile if you are going to display!!!
  10. @TheGazman - what time will you be able to get the bus to the show on Friday? I need to coordinate you getting it into the ring with the show organizer!
  11. Hi Jen, I was planning on getting there about 10.30.
  12. 10:30 am? or 10:30pm?
    Also - will you need anything doing to set your bus up for the display? Generally - we have to be in the show before the gates open to the public at 9:30 (which means you need to be in before then).
  13. Top gate. (on the left). In case this has not already been answered.
  14. We'll bring our fire pit as it looks like a BBQ so I can always just chuck coal in and style it out :)
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  15. Hi Jen,
    Was going bring the bus along around 10.30 Friday morning. I've got 3 bikes that I usually display with the bus, which until I get there Saturday morning, I will just leave two on the towbar carrier and one inside the bus. I'll probably get there mid to late morning, to just set them up properly, but if I leave one of you the keys to the bus on Friday (whoever may have turned up by then!), and perhaps you could just open the sliding door for me when you all set up first thing. I just need a little space to the side or front of the van to display the bikes, so perhaps if you bunged me on the end of the row I wouldn't be in any ones way! It's a left hand drive bus so the sliding door is on the right obvs. I'm sure I've made that sound very complicated !
  16. Hi Jen and TheGazman.

    Are you both singing off the same hymn sheet?

    It seems Gaz wants entry on the Friday whilst most of the display vehicles are not going in until the Sat morning.

    Are you both talking about the same morning for arrival?
  17. Woops. Just blew up the engine. I expect a rapid trip to VWH tomorrow with a big bundle of pound notes. Little end gone number 2 cylinder . Backfiring blew manifold boot off. Fixed that with duct tape . Engine runs but AA man says little end gone.
    Now awaiting yellow taxi number 2.
    Still might get to Volksworld. Even if only to say hello.

    Dont count me out until I am crying in a pool of oil on Friday afternoon ...
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  18. Yes my pin fell out of mine got to the front of the que and boom no gears lol and iv still got that new pub in with the champayne wire in there now !!
  19. Oh no!!!
  20. I'll find out if 10:30 am is feasible from the show organizer and get back to you.
    What time saturday morning can you arrive?
    If you leave instructions in the bus we can get it set up (provided I get the keys back from the organizer) - the display should be fixed when the gates open to the public.

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