VolksWorld 2015 - 28 & 29 March Volunteers wanted for line-up

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Do you want to display at VolksWorld

  1. Yes - happy to display both days

  2. Can only display Saturday

  3. Can only display Sunday

  4. Willing to volunteer as a reserve

  5. Jen - I'd assumed you'd vanished... :)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi Jen. Christopher Jones 07800566950 EAO 152T both days if possible please. Do you need any other info?
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  2. 3rd time lucky Chris :thumbsup:
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  3. Hi @JenW I can't make it now, gotta work... :-(
  4. I can be available both days, gives me an opportunity to see some mates in Kingston :)

  5. sorry for late reply
    yes still looking to display , no need for camping as I will go home and sleep in my nice warm bed. had to many years sleeping in a cold camper at VeeWee show

    Jen my name is Stuart Johnston
  6. I am still wanting to display but not bought camping passes yet, do I just get these from the website?
  7. Dude camping passes sell real quick I wouldn't leave it to long

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  8. Hi @JenW I am free for the whole weekend and happy to join the line up if there is still space? Please let me know and I'll sort my camping pass.
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  9. Agreed - you need to get these asap!
  10. Yes please - are you sorted for camping passes?
  11. Yes - please go ahead and book camping - I will also need your contact details and reg number
  12. I need to confirm details to VoWo asap.
    I need ref numbers, contact info and full names please for everyone
    @matt , @bood , @Mikerob , @low_light_craig , @greenbay 3 are any of you still up for it?

    I reckon we have 7 confirmed if Frankjunior and Chrisradioman can sort their camping passes.
  13. Jen is there Tlb camping area like last year as I was on me own
  14. Can't remember if I sent you my details but: Gary Wells, DGK115S tel no. 07860 137007
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  15. Hi, thanks for the offer. My T2 does not have an interior currently, so won't be much to look at. We'll be there in the T25.
  16. I have let this slip me by I have no booking ref so if someone can make use of the space please do

    Sorry for any inconvenience
  17. Btw - camping spots still available, just booked ours.
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  18. If you want to book camping tickets then the show tickets are complimentary if you display.
  19. We will likely be by the tarmac near the golf course.
    I will try to describe it better...
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  20. Were u was last year

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