VolksWorld 2015 - 28 & 29 March Volunteers wanted for line-up

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Do you want to display at VolksWorld

  1. Yes - happy to display both days

  2. Can only display Saturday

  3. Can only display Sunday

  4. Willing to volunteer as a reserve

  5. Jen - I'd assumed you'd vanished... :)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Can only do Sunday so let me know
    CNJ592K 07708 532867
  2. Hi guys am new on here, but my Bay was on the club stand last year (on the Sunday)
    I will be at the show all W/End my van will be in the car park, if you have a space on the stand I will be more than happy to join you all.

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  3. Is anyone camping the whole weekend ? I was out as had a wedding but she may have to cancel so just looking at the options ? @bluething u camping with your hairspray for polishing again lol
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  4. I'm hoping to mate! someone has just thrown a spanner in the works and asked me to work so I'm now up in the air :(
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  5. I really enjoyed camping last year and few beers in the golf club !!
  6. Woops I can't make this one I am holiday lol
  7. Just booked camping passes shall be there Friday early afternoon ok for both days @JenW syc 628l 07878177234
  8. See you there on Saturday for a beer :) (although we're not camping; we're visiting Hampton Court sunday)
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  9. :beer: I'm sure the bus will be packed full of supplies :burp:
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  10. fingers crossed ill be there on the sunday :)
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  11. Oh don't talk to me till after 12 I slept in the bus last year in the show sore head
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  12. ill come and say ello after 1!
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  13. Just kidding I'll be awake
  14. I still need (real) names and numbers from everyone who's displaying.
    @bluething - did I see you can't make it now?
    @1973daisey - got your details but need to pass your name over
    @Chrisradioman , @SeanOC , @mikedjames , @bood , @Mikerob , @low_light_craig , @greenbay 3 , @TheGazman - are all of you still up for displaying?
    Have you bought camping passes?

    For those who have said one day only - it's a possibility but the show really want the same people displaying both days as it saves admin for them (and we are only getting weekend wristbands)...

  15. Yep, we're still up for it. Not camping as we don't live far away, but gonna drop the bus Friday and leave it all weekend. We'll be there for a couple of hours on Saturday and all day Sunday.
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  16. @JenW will know for deffo Monday! :)
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  17. I am all ready for displaying both days

    Yes I have a camping pass. And space for beer.
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  18. Same here mick camping weekend loads if beer and paracetamol
    @JenW my name is Simon Taylor :beer:
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  19. Nice one!
    Is there a possibility that you would be willing to bring it Saturday am?
    I know clubs can ask to set up displays Friday night but the rest of us will be sleeping in our vans so won't be moving until the Saturday.
    If Saturday am is a hassle please let me know and I will see what I can arrange with the show.
  20. We are working on the Saturday, so can't get up until the afternoon. If you knew where they were gonna put us, roughly, I could leave it in the area and leave the keys with one of you guys or the organisers in case it needed moving/repositioning ?

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