VolksWorld 2015 - 28 & 29 March Volunteers wanted for line-up

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Do you want to display at VolksWorld

  1. Yes - happy to display both days

  2. Can only display Saturday

  3. Can only display Sunday

  4. Willing to volunteer as a reserve

  5. Jen - I'd assumed you'd vanished... :)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi Jen, to make life easy I've managed to re-organise my day on Saturday. So I can now bring the bus over Saturday morning and join the rest of you for setting up at as close to 8am as I can. Hope that saves you some trouble, and look forward to seeing you all on the day !

  2. Thanks Gary - that will make things much easier :)
  3. Would love to come along to see you guys on Sunday .I can help out all day .I could get there early on Sunday. I'll bring Herman with me.
  4. Be good to see you - if you PM me your mobile number I will see if there is any way to get you in for Sunday - everything I have been advised is that the list of names needs to be the same for both days.
  5. Panic seems to be over.

    A very broken sounding engine spat out 100% of a clip two washers and a wavy spring from one end of a rocker arm also the foot from a swivel foot valve adjuster.
    Either in the oil or in the rocker cover .
    So being sure sure all the metal was out I refilled the oil and used a jubilee clip to hold the rocker on the end and replaced all the valve adjuster screws.
    Engine had compression on No 2 and only slight scuffs on the push rod so with the duct tape manifold boot I started it and it ran well.
    So I went to JK HQ got a heavy duty rocker shaft and new manifold boots.
    All replaced. Engine seems oj on a test drive

    See you all on Friday..... :)
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  6. Good news indeed , see you at the weekend !
  7. Thanks, made a 40 mile round trip today to work - just found the choke wire had vibrated off so ended up running with the choke on for 20 miles this morning and an AFR of 10:1

    Caused me quite a scare when I started it up this evening and it started backfiring again while the choke was on. According to the AFR meter, these were complete misfires probably caused by dirty plugs when I tapped on the accelerator and the AFR shot lean rather than rich when the accelerator pump cuts in.

    After it warmed up and I got it back up to 65mph once or twice past where I broke down on Tuesday, it stopped backfiring.

    The engine sounds a lot less scary at 4500 rpm now the rockers have stopped bouncing sideways.
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  8. See u tomoz then mick John is coming with me again for the weekend !
  9. So @JenW, we just turn up and be in the queue ready for 8 am on Saturday? How will I find you?!?! Do you want to let me have you phone number so I can call when I am there, or in case I get delayed? Is it the main entrance we meet at?
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  10. My mobile is 07719867983.
    If you plan to be in the queue from 8 that's for the best.
    Tell the security that you are with the Late Bay and that you are in the Grandstand Arena area for the display.
    I've got all of your contact info so I will text you all tomorrow am to make sure everything is on track.
    Looking forward to it guys!
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  11. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Have a brilliant time guys. :thumbsup:
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  12. Fingers crossed for some great weather!!

    See's ya all tomorrow :D
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  13. Uv just said that word that's were not allied to say :eek: !!
    I'm just having a big breakie and I'll be heading down the m40 from worcs !!
  14. have fun guys wish i was going!
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  15. We have sun in Derbyshire - Im bringing it with me; ill be in the A3, we're not coming down in any of the buses!
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  16. hope yall having a good time n aint bein blown away ,well no with wind anyway :cool:
  17. A little bit blowwy and a few spits of rain, but OK. I think tomorrow may be another story though. I'm not camping, in fact just got home and going back tomorrow, but a very good line up from the Latebayers!
  18. Your bus looked spot on, love the colour scheme!
  19. Why thank you very much kind sir !
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  20. image.jpg Be there first thing Sunday ....... image.jpg

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