TLB Springcamp in the middle - Rutland Water - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th May 2014

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  1. It's took me this long to muster the energy to do mine let alone anyone else's!!!
  2. can you cut the grass for my pitch if you get their before me thanks :lol:
  3. Hot water bottles packed... Going to miss my heater this weekend :-(
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  4. lol I've just done the same... vac'd everywhere, cleaned out Bilby, and blitzed the bathroom :) all the washing done... just need to pack the bags.... (hopefully nice weather but a big hoodie and wellies will be coming too ;) ) just in case...
  5. lol me too... got the hot water bottle @bernjb56 got me at halloween camp he was a life saver when i had no fan heater the first night in october and forgot my pillow... FREEEEZING! a bucket of water had frozen over outside that night!

    fingers crossed for mild nights and sunny days :)
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  6. Let's hope so!
  7. we do a dance ta get warm :D. See you all tomorrow we will be early , do we just say carry on camping crew :D
  8. out of this one guys have a good un . dont eat all barneys food he wont be taking much as usual :eek:
  9. We have two very soft, licky and waggy labradors we're bringing along. They'll be on their leads most, if not all of the time, but we'll introduce them to Muggins properly once we've set up. We're not arriving until Saturday evening though so Muggins will have had plenty of time to meet the other dogs first.

    We're looking forward to meeting everyone on our first Late Bay camp!
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  10. Frost forecast for tomorrow night but then 12deg Sat, 15 Sun, 17 Mon
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  11. what a let down!:rolleyes:
  12. Blankets blankets and more blankets for me as I have no heating to speak of! and Im on my tod !
  13. Booze, booze and more booze will help
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  14. I bought some groovy wellies today for the first time ever I had soggy feet last weekend & won't have my drying room this weekend...

    Half a day @ work tomoz & then home to pack the van & wait for skool to finish :)
  15. Booze is packed and ready! looking forward to meeting everyone!
  16. Thank you :) it's greatly appreciated. ..I had ordered a yellow dog bandana saying I need space for him but it never came. I emailed them and they told me oh sorry waiting for large ones to come in... grrr ah well I'm sure he'll be ok...

    Looking forward to meeting lots of new people x
  17. Razzyh

    Razzyh Supporter

    Nothing ready but see you at some point tomorrow evening, wifey arriving Saturday. No fancy dress for me.
  18. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    I have done / packed big fat nuttin'

    I notice there is a golf course next door. Any folders? Anyone bringing their bats???
  19. Hi guys looking forward to coming today hope to see you all there. Can anyone tell me do the site rules allow us individual campfires or do we have a designated area. Many thanks in advance
  20. I think your allowed your own as long as it's lifted off the grass....

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