TLB Springcamp in the middle - Rutland Water - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th May 2014

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  1. Cheers Barn it was fab to finally meet youz too! I'm still in ore at the size of that trout & how good it tasted :) then there's woody, say no more really :D just have a swag on that ooo that's good stuff it's illegal ain't it, lol

    I tried to get round most for a chat so sorry for not mentioning you all because my memory is pants, I'm currently busy buying bits to sort my fried accuspark which let us down on the way so few jobs to do before our next camping trip but can't wait cos we have had such a great time the last two weekends :D
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    No one knows this except Barney ( I think ) coz the warden came straight over to explain when I arrived and barney was there, but this whole camp was cancelled on the Wednesday before we all went on the friday :eek: I'd been a few months earlier to let them know we were coming as a group even thou it's not pre book, I then went the weekend before just to make sure everything was ok, and as I thought it was :thumbsup: Suddenly late on the Wednesday night about 9.45 I get a phone call from head office up in Cumbria, The head man says it's all off and we cant go, I'm in a state of shock, but he's not having us there whatever i say, so I keep plodding away at him, it seems someone had rang him to say if we went as a group we'd be noisy and troublesome o_O he did'nt want a group of dubbers camping there so that was that, after about an hour of talking to him he said he'd ring me next morning with a finale ,decision needless to say i did'nt sleep a wink, anyway next morning he rang and after talking to the warden who i'd met twice it was on, I really would'nt have had a clue what to post if he'd have not let us go, anyway as Barney says, this was the second best camp ever and the place was brilliant, it's a pity someone is that bitter that they wanna ruin a lot of peoples fun thou :thumbsup:
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  3. I can't believe someone rang to do that?! Seems v odd.. x
  4. Life is full of petty minded ***** that think nothing of stitching others up for their own selfish gratification. Luckily this time they failed. :)
    Nice one woody.
  5. That's shocking! Well done @WoodyLubber for sweet talking them round :cheers:

  6. Good effort talking them round
  7. I blame Camperjam....
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  8. Wizard I reck.....
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    blimey woody the mods will get you one way or the other :lol: well done for sorting it, there's some tits about.
  10. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    nahh he'd have done techenders just to get at me.
  11. They may have tried but Eddie wouldn't of believed em!

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