TLB Springcamp in the middle - Rutland Water - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th May 2014

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    Make sure it is in lulu
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  2. she may have web cam :D joke
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    I hope she has a zoom (no joke) :)
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  4. TLB Springcamp in the middle - Rutland Water - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th May 2014

    Fancy dress saturday night

    Lyndon Road
    Rutland Water
    LE15 8RN

    No pre-book required and only £7 per unit per night

    Woody and Lou and Milly and Tilly Woo
    The Bugcatcher and maybe the smegster ,or lolipop , but defo not Annie .
    Tiny-pie and charlie-pie
    Lardy and err me
    Razzyh, wife & kids
    sANDYbAY & Jan and Chloe the dog
    Joycees and kids and Bertie and Peggy poocher
    Daisey1973 (on the Sunday)
    Bernjb56 & JennyB
    Betty Rubble N His Boss
    Silver and family ( Friday night to Saturday lunch )
    Jivedubbin & Mrs JD
    Lord Charles, Her Ladyship and the young masters
    Flakey & Sal & Bertie.
    Pony and Mrs P
    MorkC68, Chelle & Ellie (bus to be confirmed)
    Lobber and his Dog
    The Mooseys (not 100% sure yet ...)
    George and Mildred
    Yorkshirecampers, Paley and assorted airedales
    MK-Bay and Mrs MK-Bay
    asvw88, Alan, Kerry , Lilly and P Machine
    The crumpets (Duncan and Linda)
    Robo, Mrs Robo, Miss Robo, Master Robo & The Robo Mutt...
    Oscar, Tash and Thomas (A big bottle of ouzo) :)
    Jonno74, Lisa, Trav and Otis :thumbsup:

    Purplepantyman and Doodlebug in Skeeter :)
    Gary Froggatt
    Hulkmeister and doig
    Wispy, hippymoo & the kids :) (arriving Saturday night)
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  5. Sorry we're out

    We've got 2 family events (a 2nd birthday and a 40th) on Saturday that we can't miss, hoping to get 1 nights camping in locally somewhere on the Sunday if possible.

    have a good time all!
  6. :'(
  7. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you, hopefully it'll be a great weekend weather permitting!
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  8. be good ta see ya col , be a laugh :thumbsup:
  9. May I request those with dogs not let their dogs run up to mMuggins as he's scared of other dogs so needs to be introduced properly.... thanks in advance :) x
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    Once he's met Tilly again and Joycees little dogs Bertie and Peggy poocher he'll be fine and running around like mad :thumbsup:
  11. Our Daisy is a bit mad so a controlled introduction will be required, she just gets all excited when she meets other dogs & wants to play, she's the same with anything that moves to be honest :)
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  12. That was charlie... muggins is a whole other kettle of fish!! :/ he's a ginger nutter... he will be on his lead the whole time for sure...he's usually just reactive to big dogs due to fear so im hoping the little ones he will be fine with...
  13. we could be ok sat in our chairs then robo :D i love dogs , no tongues thou :D
  14. She's very jumpy jumpy licky licky tickle me tickle me ;)
  15. & so is the dog :D
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  16. :lol:
  17. That's the house clean.... Why do I do that go away but must clean the house do the washing etc.... Will we be the first to arrive for the second weekend running????
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  18. You wish Robo....
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  19. At least I'm not in the dog house...

    Yet :)
  20. Woodylubber

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    Can you pop round and do ours :thumbsup:

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