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  1. Yeah, yeah, the reason I went was to check the jetting to avoid breaking it that's all. I don't have the faith until I see it under load on the rollers. The numbers are just for everyone elses amusement. :)
    Yours is stock - can't go wrong, once you mess you have to take responsibilty for feeding it properly or it'll die.
  2. Not entirely - I was expecting 2 hours = £120 so on the way home, with the "change" I bought:
    1 bottle Laphroaig 10 year old
    1 bottle Mount Gay Rum.
    Glass half full :)
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  3. That is a good torque curve though, nice torque back up so it will dig in as the revs drop.
  4. Readings for mine are at the wheels. Ive no idea how they calculated the engine figures. Also it was about 90 percent throttle ish as the linkages werent right. Judging by mine theres no way are those figures on the money. Id be surprised however if that is the case you possibly need a different exhaust to let some ponys out.
  5. I think that is correct/becoming correct above about 3500rpm, but luckily If I change down at 3500-4000 it goes just as well in the next gear, so maybe it's not worth putting up with the extra noise for the odd occaision. Sounds very unlike me, but I'm quite happy with it throttled by the exhaust/cam/whatever else in exchange for grunt.
  6. Once you get to 30mph you can just drive all day in 4th, it's very relaxing. :)
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  7. That's cos of the torque, bho doesn't matter when you have that amount of torque, looks like you have built the exact engine you wanted.
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  8. I have, though it was that clever bloke Robert Parry what done it. :) :thumbsup:
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  9. I've been playing with the carbs a bit.
    Started rich and safe with 32 vents, 145 mains, 58 idles
    By degrees I now have 30 vents, 135 mains, 53 idles.
    The 30 vents are better, quieter too.
    I don't have any smaller jets. :thinking:
  10. I have no idea what all that means. However I am very happy for you :)
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  11. Well they will be... you're reducing the air flow into the engine... more torque, less top end

    What size carbs are you using again?
  12. Hasn't changed top end as isn't the carbs that are limiting it so win win. T'is fine up to 4,000rpm. :)
    Going down idle from 58 to 55 made it more responsive so I went down to 53 but haven't had a drive yet.
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    want to get mine done on a rolling road before i come to TE but they havent got back to me yet. boo.

    this lot.
  14. The racing season is upon us.
    What carbs? 1700 t4?
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    1800 going off the block code. Carbs are twin solex 36-40, not sure what gearbox i am running cant remember. @top banana racing sold it me, he might remember (if he is about)
  16. They appear to be simple carbs, where did you get them? Yes I know I should remember. :)
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  18. Not really, but jetting will be OK so no need to rolling road it. IMO.
    If you make it go Techenders and the carbs aren't knackered I'm sure we can set it up for you.
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  19. Let me know how you get on there? Our van needs a RR session after a recent carb rebuild, and Sittingbourne is local.
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