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  1. I call cheating
  2. I'm not expecting it too keep up with my 12V use and I'm not really going to be camping with a wobbly poptop just to charge the battery though I will try it to see.
    Anyway you can do the same if you park in the right direction.
  3. Will be genuinely interesting if you. An chase the sun that way. If you are staying somewhere out of the way for a few days it may well be good enough to keep up.

    Which flexi panel did you go for? Mine are square so still have room for more if I get get greedy
  4. My other accomplishment today after snapping 2 x 8mm drill bits, was to wreck the oil cooler. Bought fittings from local, both looked identical, both screwed up nicely by hand then one tightened and the other neatly machined the thread off the cooler never getting tight. Inspection after shows they are slightly different. I think I have a mix of imperial and metric. Ho-hum, another £60 down the drain. :rolleyes:
  5. ... and tomorrow I'm going to a rolling road (that does print out graphs) to get the jetting nailed. :)
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  6. let us know if they are any good as I was originally going to your previous rolling road as that's where me mate has always taken his race car.:hattip:
  7. That one is £75 + vat/hour, no graph, no torque readings and he's retiring in April.
    This one is £60 inc vat and does the graph. Fingers crossed, they claimed to know about campers, have all the jets and the bloke who will be doing it has one himself apparently. Still might be crap though. :)
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  8. Not sure what to make of today's Rolling road. As soon as i left the cht gauge showed one side of the engine hot and the other cold. It turned out to be a blocked idle jet. I suspect it was blocked on the run too.

    This RR uses algorithmnmnmnms invented by someone in Sweden or something rather then the run-down method to calculate engine figures from the wheel figures. Consequently shows far less gearbox losses than the "older" type. You can see where this is going... lol

    First off I have the jetting ok, so that was a waste of time. In fact you could say I'm a jet size down on the idles. Funny that I just changed them down one size to see and if I hadn't been rolling roading I'd have changed them back. I had the mixtures set spot on. And the balance.

    One timing light in the whole enterprise and he wasted 20 mins trying to make it work, then told me I should dump the original correct 2l distributor in favour of an 009 because with it plugged in I got more that 30 degs advance. He also reckoned 009's better because you srat with higher advance figure making it "more sprightly" :thinking: Then he didn't know there is no vac advance occurring at idle. So far not impressed - I didn't let him mess with the timing. I don't think this gentleman understands vac advance.

    Then he adjusted the "on throttle" balance. Later while i was investigating the blocked jet I found he'd messed that up a bit too. I knew he would have, it took me ages to get it right. :mad:

    I was getting a little sceptical by now and almost stopped the show and went home, but I thought might as well get some numbers. Even if the numbers are for out of balance carbs with a blocked idle jet.

    When I set of to come home it drove like a pig and I had to go back, borrow tools and sort it out. Therefore, apart from the general scheme of things, I'm not really sure about the numbers. But what's in a number, it drives like I wanted. I have no mental benchmark for torque, or for "at the wheels" numbers but the max HP engine figure is rather disappointing!

    The tests were done in 4th gear. When I went to last one they did it in 3rd gear. The chap said he can't do it in 3rd as he'd have to rev the nuts off it - something about the algorithymnmnmnms being based on 62.5km/h. By now I'm confused and suspecting he doesn't really understand what he's doing.

    Anyhow I expect you want to see. :)
    the lines starting at the left top to bottom are torque, AFR (wiggly one) and power.
    I have no idea if this graph is good, bad or just ugly. Looks torquey though? :)
  9. Algorithms? What a load of tosh. Sounds a bit like "chef's special sauce" or Harry Potter "magic".
  10. I'm suspecting this is a cheap rolling road and meant for modern cars. Still, the "at the wheels" figures should be simply measured?
    I'm tempted to go to the other old school RR just for one run and see what he makes of it.
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  11. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Do you think you might have got the 'other' guy who works there but doesn't have a camper?
  12. Peak power is at 111km/h (70mph), that's good? Nothing wasted as I can't afford the mpg faster than that anyway!
    Loads of torque further down the revs - that is indeed how it drives.
    Changing gear at 3500 seems about right when you're heading for 60-70 and 3000 pottering. That matches up with the graph?

    He has a splitty. Nice guy, but owning a splitty/tuning engines isn't the same thing.
    Really i'm sceptical because he did nothing except operate the machine. His hopeless efforts with the timing - I don't think he's familiar with T4 engines/timing scale. He was trying to tell me it ticks over at 5 degs - it doesn't! Then he was using the knob on his timing gun rather than the scale on the engine. Then he was telling me the vac advance added dangerous amounts of advance - I had to explain how it only does that in low load conditions so saves petrol and is ok. I think he was floundering here at least.
  13. For comparison.

  14. Oh dear, sounds like you visited an "air cooled expert" :easter:
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  15. Sounds a waste of £60 ,you know your engine Zed better than any Marmitee computer :thumbsup:
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  16. They weren't actually, but most RR's don't know what a carb is so I picked at random. They seemed enthusiastic and cheap. :D
  17. Yes, which is particularly annoying as I know for a FACT that I know very little. You kinda hope someone might know more and be able to progress things.
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  18. Should of set the aslarm bell off !
  19. Probably sounds miles better than mine and set up miles better but it still starts and gets me there for the last 5 years since i scrapped the rebuilt one.
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