The ones who never made it back

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  1. It could be your coil overheating. After cooling down for a couple of hours, all was fine again; I had this exact issue last year, fixed thanks to the excellent knowledge of TLB :thumbsup: Try swapping out the coil for a known good one. Easy fix if this is the issue
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  3. Can you recommend a good coil?
  4. Razzyh

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    What’s your location. Maybe someone has a good second hand one.
  5. I'm in Hampshire but I think after 10 fairly trouble free years it's probably time to open up my wallet !!
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  6. 77 Westy

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  7. Razzyh

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    I had (still got somewhere) a pertronix oil filled (aren’t they all?) coil and electronic ignition that never let me down. Sadly, the newer ones aren’t so great or maybe a bit hit & miss.
  8. Zed

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    Part swap bingo?
    You don't know there's anything wrong with the coil, I'd try and borrow one
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    IMG_2778.png I’ going to try to tidy this and move it to the swarfega section
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    The award for first of the year goes to


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