The ones who never made it back

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    Preparation at the OK petrol filling station, for our expensive, 40 km tow to Kalmar, Southern Sweden.

    Note also, the North American specification, front side-marker reflectors & rear side-marker lights, plus the home-made, black butyl-rubber, stretchy roof-rack cover.

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    What's happened to it? Fixable? :)
  3. image.jpeg Hi all
    Just so as not to be left out we had our first break down.we were on the way to dubs in the valley,just passed junction 13 on the m6 ,when the radio went off popped and smoked engine cut out,great fun four lanes no hard shoulder.
    Police arrived in an unmarked Beamer told us highways agency would tow us off!
    Fat chance closed motorway to tow us 300 feet and abandoned us in the refuge ,joke was it was one mile to exit.
    RAC arrived towed us to Hollies truck stop,we then waited five hours to be relayed home.
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  4. You know what, I've lost count of how many times I have seen Type 2s on the back of recovery trucks :rolleyes:
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  5. Feel your pain. Last day of hols in Cornwall in August. Picked up at 10am and got home in Sussex at 7:30pm (after a 2 hour wait in Exeter service station after they sent the wrong type of truck!!!
  6. Wife has just broken down on the M1, think it might be the starter motor or something that has gone. Yesterday and today it would sometimes not start - but once going it hasn't been a problem.
    This time supposedly the engine just died as she was driving along. Accelerator - just stopped responding.

    Getting recovery.

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