The ones who never made it back

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  1. In 2013 my bus needed rescuing three times...I was on first name terms with the driver of the rescue truck!Also I found after a rescue it was quite usual for friends and acquaintances to mention they had seen my bus being transported.Hard to miss a red kombi I suppose...
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  2. [​IMG]
    Absolutely gutted!! On our way to Stratford for a nice, relaxing weekend and a balljoint snaps!
    I best go for a drink before I blow the swear filter:mad:
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  3. I came very close this weekend but thankfully managed to avoid it!

  4. [​IMG]
    Not sure if this counts. But I got the better half to take this as we were being towed back to the camp site. Found it was a new rotor arm that had burnt out
  5. ah - the dreaded duff rotor arm again - where did you buy it from so we can avoid them ?
  6. It came with an accuspark distributor. So swapped the cap as well !
  7. Good move - I have one of the generic Chinese SVDA distributors (as sold by Megabug/used by Accuspark ) which had a wonky rotor arm top and it chewed the distributor cap as well.
    But then I always have two rotor arms, a distributor cap and a coil, points and condensor in my spares kit in the bus.
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  8. Thought it was about time I loaded up the epic fails from 2015;

    This one is near Nantes - after waiting 5 hours for the tow truck to turn up. Got the van back from 'Louis XVI Derrangement Services' four days later after I borrowed their tools and replaced the rubbish (but new) fuel filter with one that didn't self implode (thanks to all on TLB that helped me diagnose the problem). IMG_1378.jpg

    The next one happened on the M3 on a test run after I'd done a few upgrades which I mistakenly thought would make the van bullet proof. The culprit was the brand new (but repro) fuel pump/drive rod that I thought was essential rather than replying on the 37 year old original. How wrong I was! I put the old one back on and bought another old one to keep on the van as a spare.
    Looking forward to more fun in 2016, but hopefully avoiding this page!
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  9. I should add that my yellow taxi ride was followed shortly after by another incident that happened almost the same place on the M27. The clutch started slipping foot to the floor going uphill at about 65mph and the flywheel started coming loose.

    I nursed it home as I was at the end of a 160 mile run and did not want to take any longer to get home. I decided from the noises it was a flywheel again and added clutch having had both fail before.

    Cause was gearbox oil on the clutch as the seal was hard and brittle. Then the O ring on the flywheel let go as well.
    Eight dowels came loose and that was it for the flywheel and crank...
  10. :thinking:
  11. Now I don't mind that my 3 year restoration journey is only 10 months in. If anything breaks we will still be at home!!!!!!!!!
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    It's been a long time since anyone has broken down
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  14. photostudio_1458295949742.jpg Happened to Peppa Pig just this morning as I read it to my daughter...
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    Nice pop top
  16. That's a great episode! You can get peppa pig on sky on demand - that camper has got automatic beds and goes up hills a dream!
  17. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Heres mine engine went bang on the M40 on way to Forest of Dean. At least we could have a beer while waiting to be recovered
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  18. [​IMG]

    Birmingham to Croyed van developed top end noise at the start of the devon link road aka the roller coaster, pushed on got 14 miles from Croyed lots of smoke and oil up the back game over. :(
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  19. Usually break down on holiday - but first time have a ride home on the big yellow taxi! IMG_1058.jpg IMG_1057.jpg

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