The ones who never made it back

Discussion in 'The ones who never made it back' started by Woodylubber, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Brake adjustment. Shake down run, that's why I took you along. :thumbsup:
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  2. hailfrank

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    i thought it was because I was dressed well
  3. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    A prerequisite of course. :cool:
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  4. Jaysparx

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    Stage 1 of the recovery completed, I'm now at Exeter services waiting for the next truck to relay me back to Dorset! 20220212_133839.jpg
    My first Yellow Taxi was red!

    Dave the Recovery driver was a most excellent chap, even bought me a coffee to help pass the time waiting for the next guy!

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  5. Jaysparx

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  6. Jaysparx

    Jaysparx Supporter

    Relay stage 2! 20220212_153614.jpg
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  7. Razzyh

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  8. Jaysparx

    Jaysparx Supporter

    Smoke and oil and a distinct lack of going forwardness!
    She is now safely tucked in at Beetle Magic, awaiting the tender care of Oli on Monday
  9. martinvention

    martinvention Supporter

    I do hope that is it something simple like a push rod tube (as found in earlier tale here). Pleased you found a local Aircooled sick bay and hope to know the outcome soon.
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  10. mcswiggs

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    Umm - I think this is my third entry on this thread… but for the record; a shattered windscreen near Marseilles:
  11. mcswiggs

    mcswiggs Supporter

    Here I am again! This time posting for a friend who borrowed a van from another friend. He had two calls to the AA within about 50 miles - the first was a for a burst tyre (the widow maker jack didn’t extend far enough to get the wheel off the ground properly) and this was the second, total gearbox failure (nothing but neutral and not the clutch). I don’t think the owner is on TLB - if you are apologies but at least I’ve saved you a job!
    Moral of the story - don’t lend your van, especially to my mate. DCF94951-C80A-4D9C-95DB-DD677E10A7AD.jpeg
  12. hailfrank

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    I’m sure there’s a few more to pop up in here…..
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  13. Purple

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    I'd be quite worried if I ever found myself on an airplane with your lot !!!
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  14. Mr Apollo

    Mr Apollo Supporter

    Get off my motorway! Last summer.
    Police got to us as soon as we stopped due to fuel starvation. They immediately called their breakdown van mate, who takes us ca. 2 miles off the motorway to a garage forecourt. All the jiggling around cleared the obstruction, and we drove home, not on the motorway. I was glad we stopped where we did, and not in the long tunnel you can just see in front.
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  15. Dubs

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    Do Morris Minors count? :thinking:
  16. hailfrank

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    May look at honorary complimentary stickers for those in TTLBOWNMIBC if there was enough interest.
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