The ones who never made it back

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  1. OhBob !
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  2. D
    Dont know yet , think it's the condenser, just went bang now won't turn over, mechanic coming out on Tuesday x
  3. Been there I tried to get to Stanford Hall, only got one junction, engine dead! :(
    I couldn't get to Stonor Park or Bristol Volksfest DOH! :(
  4. Oh no ! Hope you got it sorted !
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  5. Thanks pal. :)
  6. Lesson learnt spare dizzy arm now kept aboard..... image.jpg
  7. No photographic evidence.

    40 or so happy miles then,
    Loss of power ( probably crud in the carb I thought I'd cleaned enough )

    AA tow home from Wilton through Salisbury and everyone was starring :(
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  8. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Supporter

    On the way back from Camperjam .....

    Pub carpark :)


    5 hours later


  9. Is that 5 hours later and being loaded????? !!!!!!
  10. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Supporter

    Yep - most of the big yellow taxis were up in Yorkshire clearing the roads of parked cars :(
  11. Not my bay so does it count?

    Check out the cool melting underneath. :)
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  13. Our first appearance in this thread in 3 and a half years of ownership - not too bad, I think, but could have been avoided ...

    We were on our way back home after a lovely weekend at WOMAD. Stopped at the services to change drivers, and @moosey spotted a big cloud of smoke from the noisy box. Looked underneath - patch of oil. Deliberated for a bit, then rang the AA (around 2.15pm). The fella arrived about an hour later, and confirmed it was big yellow taxi time (pushrod seal gone - we knew it needed doing, but took a chance ... lesson learnt. The AA guy has a mate's prototype bay stored in his garage, and knew a bit about VWs, and he really fancied having a go at fixing it!):


    Glad we were in the service station and not on the hard shoulder, but we still didn't camp out as stylishly as the Wombats did when they broke down...


    8.00pm - finally loaded up and ready to set off:


    10pm - home at last (10 and a half hours after setting off on what should have been about a 4 hour journey):


    And the bad news is that our garage is so busy they can't fit us in for a couple of weeks, which is just after the weekend that moosey wanted to use Hattie to go to Bloodstock festival :(

    Still - on the plus side - I think we've out-wombated @bernjb56 and @JennyB with the longest wait for a breakdown vehicle. We should have a league table ...!:)
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  14. bernjb56

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    Glad you got back safe - we dumped Wombat at the garage which was a surprise for the mechanic when he got to work on the Monday :)
  15. We rang the garage straight after ringing the AA - they won't have room to keep it there till they can fix it so we've had to bring it home (and obviously it's easier for unloading all the stuff from the weekend). Just got to figure out how to get it to the garage in 2 weeks ... :rolleyes:
  16. Actually, I don't think we did: Although our total waiting time - from big cloud of oil smoke to BYT pulling away - was nearly six hours, we only had a four-and-a-bit hour gap between 1st AA man leaving and BYT arriving. I think in total waiting time Wombat probably still has the edge on us.

    Maybe next time though...
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  17. No, there's nothing wrong with them, bloody good car actually, I'll tell you one day what the cause was but not on t'internet, it might get seen. :oops:
  18. Look out for the parking ticket as you stayed more than 2 hours at the services . Nice hat by the way if it is a bit pink
  19. Beaker's first ride on the big taxi. We were only 4 miles from the garage when the fuel pump packed up:(


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