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  1. I think so yes
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    I fitted a TES 1776 for me mate, it ran OK then the exhaust push rod slipped out of the rocker on number 4 as the rocker couldn't take the high lift cam.
    It had the mother of all backfires through the carb !!!
    He rang TES they said that they could send him out a set of rockers with articulated feet for him to fit or they could have it back and check for valve damage ect, As he had a daft mate to take it out and put it back he opted for the latter. They took it back with all the ancillaries on and sorted it. Me mate was pleased with the response. I spoke with the TES bloke at a show, he was a nice man and apologised for costing me a day.
  3. Too be fair I can't find any apart from old posts going back to 2009 so maybe they have got their act together now :)
  4. Thread from the dead.... Just thinking broadly at the minute about the possibility of a replacement engine, should mine prove to be damaged too far (I currently have a Vege 2l that has probably thrown a piston, and apparently had 2 pistons replaced in the past). Has anyone any further thoughts as to how good (or not) these TES engines are as they are a good deal cheaper than the ones Heritage sell (which I am told are Remtec's) just to give me a guide?
    I know all the opinions about getting someone like Laurie or Paul to build one, but that isn't likely to be an option time or cost wise for me this time. What has been said above seems to suggest that the TES engines are quite good but as with everything you takes a chance. I'm reluctant to get another Vege as this one seems to have had a chequered history in it's 25000 miles.

  5. I spoke to Laurie when mine went pop and he couldn't do it and recommended TES, I had a local chap called Nigel Allen rebuild mine and was very happy although it cost more he was on the doorstep if anything went wrong, and he is very good.
    He said when he's busy he will send parts of to Jim at TES to be machined and his work is good so that's 2 recommendations from highly rated engine builders.
    The only thing I will say is that the "new" parts will not be the highest quality, so as a budget engine you will be looking at cheaper barrels and pistons, heads, dizzy etc
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  6. You won't get Laurie to build you an engine at the moment, he's taking some time out at the moment!! :)

    So your current engine only has 25k on it since its last rebuild? You could potentially have it rebuilt for not a massive amount of money then... I'm doing a rebuild at the moment, for a little bit less than a TES unit, but it is essentially having a freshen up... all new bearings, piston rings, clutch, and a little bit of head work. There are other new parts, and return delivery included in the price too :)

    But with what I do it really does depend on what condition the engine itself is in!! And that is an unknown until you get it stripped down and on the bench for measuring!! :)
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  7. I fitted a tes short block and have been pleased with it and the guy was very helpfully
    The heritage one i had was machined so much i had to use a special pulley and had special bearing on the thrust end
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  8. Cheers fellas, most encouraging. I don't know if I'll need to go down the road of a new engine as yet, but depending on what is found to be wrong, I might find that the easiest / quickest and most long term effective answer.
  9. Is that mine you are talking about Paul??? :)
  10. It certainly is Nick :thumbsup:
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