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  1. Looking for anyone with experience of these guys...their 1776 engine is listed a heck of a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've found one, but I'm currently tempering one brilliant review (from 72wilma) against a very terrible review from my garage.

    Can anyone help by sharing their own personal experience - just listing good or bad will do, don't want TLB involved in any litigation cases ;-)

    Fed up with Engines of Yorkshire
  2. Laurie takes apart lots of engines and says the quality of his machining is very good.
    Have you talked to Mr P? He's incredibly honest and straightforward, you'd like him.
  3. Thanks Zed. I haven't, largely because I'm thinking I am far too impatient to wait for an engine to be built for me :-(
  4. It only takes him a few hours to slap one together once he has all the bits and bobs, but I take your point.
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  6. Zoe you've seen my bus run from his work, he may have one waiting to go for, give him a call. X
  7. TES rebuilt Lolas 1600 TP, I went for the install it yourself option with 1641 and unleaded heads :rolleyes: ( I know better now ), fitted my old tinware on, fitted it and she started straight away.....but, there is allways one isn't there ? my engine would tick over but not rev :confused: so, as the dizzy was sealed, checked the usual fuel related culprits, replaced the fuel pump... had fuel pumping, all ht's coil and plugs were new..... no joy ?

    Phoned up the dude at TES and he came round that evening and sorted it out, turned out the dizzy drive hadn't been shimmed up enough, so sorted:) off I drove into the sunset.

    If your getting one specify your own dizzy, as the 009 put in by TES was no end of pants and ended up self destructing and leaving us broken down...hindsight is allways easy, all in all I think TES offer and provide a good service. Like all companies they get good and bad press, "You pays your money and takes your choice".
  8. the tes engine ''seems'' to have a lot of new parts....
    case, heads, pistons,barrels, camshaft etc..
  9. Tempting.....a little light reading :)
  10. Not out till June :(
  11. Not out until June 6th, they're taking orders and it's selling so well they're going worldwide already. :cool: I haven't seen it but I hear all about it.
  12. Well done, LP :)
  13. One benefit I guess, buy in the summer, read learn and inwardly digest then pull the engine the following Winter. :D
  14. Couple of folks I know have used aircooled performance in Northallerton.
  15. I think Vege have lost interest in aircooled motors, if the two I've had are anything to go by...:mad:
  16. ^ thats answered that - fair comment!
  17. Is that the guy in brompton?

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