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  1. I've contemplated it many a time... might wait another 15 years before I put pen to paper :cool:
  2. Fantastic. When he dropped off my engine he came in for a chat and was telling us about it. I didnt realise it was about to be released! Its got to be worth a call to see what he can do. Rebuilding your engine to a known high standard has got to be better than a recon unit with new but not necessarily good quality parts. Oh, and LP is super helpful, and very budget friendly.
  3. when i was looking a few years ago for a engine for barry and asking on multiple forums the general feeling i got was
    no one ever has a bad word for sir Laurie work
    V**E/r**tec engines got mildly good reviews with a few bad ones thrown in
    t** got slightly worse reviews than the other two big boys
    the general vibe i got was you get what you pay for and cheaper recon engines are more prone to problems
    i really hope you think really long and hard about how and what you spend your money on for your engine and i hope i am not speaking out of turn here zoe (if so tell me and i ll edit it for you its not a problem )but i know you borrow/rent your bus out and something like a 1776 t1 engine might not last too long as a hire bus also are you looking at turnkey engines because if not your going to need carbs and exhaust to get anything out a 1776
    also have you spoken to mr weeding to see if he can do anything for ?
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  4. TES have a very bad rep look on VZI. Laurie Pettit on the other hand is very good. I've used him in the past. Tudor Morgan who built my latest engine is a different level to anyone else I've come across. His work is awesome you won't find a better engine builder. Laurie is good though & I would use him if Tudor wasn't around. To be fair they are both good & both nice blokes. :)
  5. We have a Remtec 1641 in Gusbus..I must say it was very well built, came with a list of do's and dont's and start up procedures. What they failed to mention was the crap clips that hold the rocker covers down, the left hand one had no tension in and peed oil out all over everything. We had to do a bit of fettling and also put a bit of a kink into it to get tension
  6. I have to also say a big plus for Laurie is the warrenty which he honours where they big boys try and squirm out of it.
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  7. for me that would speak volumes in giving peace of mind, knowing you had support from the builder
  8. What they also failed to mention is they over-machine everything so it can't me machined again. Once it needs another rebuild it's scrap.
  9. I think Vege were very good in their day, but i can't imagine there's much money in doing aircooleds these days. My first Vege siezed solid after a few thousand miles, the replacement isn't that hot.
  10. I don't think this is the case, Chris.
  11. Given that most of the VW books date from the 70s, about time there was something new around. Get writing, mate!
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  12. i have a stock 1600 TES engine, it's been fitted for 6 years now with no problems (about 10k miles)
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  13. Don't take too much notice of vzi reviews theres a lot of my mates brother had an issue with... type reviews!
    I read quite a few engine threads on different vw sites when I was looking at changing mine. The common ground was someone at some point has had a duff engine/experience from all of the engine suppliers/builders out there, I think someone on here a few years ago even had an issue with one from Laurie(even though granted he has the best rep).

    It's horses for courses at the end of the day if you have a small budget and not much time to wait I don't think you'll go wrong with someone like TES if you have more time and budget then Laurie could could work for you.
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  14. Chris speaks sense ^
    I have to say I've had some issues with my LP engine and they aren't all down to Laurie, but he's been superb trying to sort it out. I've had it apart, he's had it apart, he even came down from Scotland with it (325 miles) personally and helped re-fit - until I sent him packing because it was getting late. I'm now waiting for some new parts that he's stumped up for even though they are extra to the original spec, because he's not happy that I'm not happy. For customer service he takes some beating.
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  15. Be aware the adaptor things aren't ideal and need some fettling (and tapping of the case) to fit.
  16. Poosibly not a good idea then. As I said - never done it!
  17. Thanks Lowie, all bob on mate. Thinking so long and hard that I think I've gotten to the point of over thinking it!!!! Gah.
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  18. They work, but it's a bit of a bodge. If you're going for a full flow oil filter, they get in the way.

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