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  1. See I told em you'll spoil it putting up pics of T25's up.

    I'll let you into a small secret, but don't tell anyone.
    I nearly bought a T25 syncro, but her indoors hated it and told me its a split screen or nothing. Who am I to argue.
  2. Thinking of T25's, I picked up some T25 drop sides the other day and they are exactly the same length as Bay ones. :)
    I'm thinking of chopping a tailgate down and using these on one of mine? Hinges are in the wrong place but as mine are buggered anyway that's not an issue.
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  3. hello.............:chewie:

    This is the day the quarryman broke my rear axle...


    Une meter carry [not fill it up until it breaks]....:D
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  5. davidoft

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    I keep looking at that add, it's only 5 mins from me, I'm getting a hankering for commercial stuff :D
  6. Flakey

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    Makes the driveway more complete somehow!
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  7. Poptop2

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    Girls like splittys men like t25s
    Good parking that. Did you have help?
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  8. [​IMG] no posh,no polish
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  9. Yea I know, the girls love my splitty and laugh at the poor sods driving a T25
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  10. changed that for ya....:p

    I quite fancy a T25 pickup...

    would any of you lot buy a demountable caravan/shed thing or even make one..?
  11. Different wheels



    And cleaned all of this out of the wheel arches!!


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  12. Say hallo to Losen :)

  13. The coolest truck on the planet
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  14. see the slits in the top half of the rear...


    Did you know that a section goes down to the floor and another plastic pipe directs the air flow down the chassis [long way in a singlecab]then it goes in the engine bay straight into the air filter....

    I only discovered that this weekend.....:D
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  15. here is our new toy:
    collected it on mon :cool:
  16. The one on the right of course.......the one on the left went in its place.
  17. Santa was good to me this year. Well I say santa it was really me as i Knew no one else would buy it lol. But come the start of the new year me crew cab will have a brand new dual carb setup fitted.

    by chris_r582, on Flickr
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  18. :cool:

    They're great fun to drive
  19. I know a guy who's selling a crossdresser single cab soon. anybody want info let me know
  20. Please don't put it on eBay, I'm already in enough Marmite
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