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    New wheels and a healthy slam
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  2. this is my 1976 bay pickup

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  3. Its been a while seen I've been on here (work, holidays, etc) but at last I have eventually made and fitted my hoops to my crew cab. Thanks to @bernjb56 for all the measurements etc couldn't of got it right with out them.

    [​IMG]image by chris_r582, on Flickr

    [​IMG]image by chris_r582, on Flickr
  4. image.jpg This I mine imported from SA in December, not had money/time to do anything with it just managed to get it MOTed and registered. Has anyone got any idea how many crew and single cabs are registered here know there are plenty lurking in dark garages all over the country. Chris_r582 would be interested in those measurements for the hoops.
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    How much checker plate can you get Glyn? I have a feeling our load bed is shot beyond patching!
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    I think this section needs a bit of info. :thinking:
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    Kemperink were the official extenders of crew cabs and pick ups.
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    I was hoping for a bit more than that :(
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    I have a fair bit more. Probably best in another post methinks.
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  10. Here you go this the page I got the measurements off to make my hoops, good luck @Jacosmotor
  11. Thanks for that chris_r582, bern had already pointed me to them had a good read through your thread and really impressed with the finish of you crewie really sets it off with the hoops on
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  12. NTO


    Beautiful bus Jacosmotor. I'm from SA and I'm seeing more of our busses coming to you guys. I have a late bay DC but she's a little rougher than yours.. Hahahah
  13. Thanks for that NTO like I said earlier the photos make it look better than what it is, there's plenty of filler in it but having seen some of the Restos on here I'm not going to look to close until I have some more money in the pot. Just going to use and ENJOY!!!
  14. Hi guys I've just bought a 79 crew cab. Came originally from Sweeden and was owned I'm told by the railway company.
    It's in need of a bit of tlc. Wires everywhere under the dash.!
    I'm trying to find certain bits.. Can't find door seal for the crew cab door, does everyone use splitscreen cargo door seals?
    Angled rubber for the petrol pipe intake, the one that goes behind the petrol cap. I think it's a different angle to a normal bay.
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  15. Nice Swedish headlamp washers
  16. Crew cab doors seal?? Where do you get yours? I can't find them on usual suppliers or is it a case of stretching splitty cargo door ones?
  17. Sprout!

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  18. Well I found my crewcab and it is now having a rusty gutter and two bubbling rear quarters attended to and hopefully she will be ready for Brighton breeze, that is if I am allowed to bring her.
    Will try to load pics via tapatalk as not working here
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  19. Picky as promised

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  20. Maybe the interior is too good for a builders daily but that is what it's going to be

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