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  1. Plus all that nice blue wood is going to be hiding some sins on the load bed. Sides for it is going be fun. They sometimes come up but carry a stupid price tag
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  2. Question for the Doka owners.
    What have you got in the "useless space" ?
  3. A hole lot of nothing
  4. Speakers and a tool box.
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    I've seen a couple with fabricated drop sides and they don't look too bad - you could make something like the one on the right:

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  6. the right one looks like a westfalia built one.
  7. Why didn't VW put a door on this space?
    I wonder how difficult it would be to fit a nice one to the outside, like the single cabs?
    Does the T25 Doka have one?
  8. you mean the bit behind the space under the seat?? think that's the tank isnt it. been a while since I poked around under there. The cover for the pickup lives under the back seat along with the trolley jack, tow rope (you never know) and a tool box with all the carp that you need to keep these biscuit tins moving :)
  9. regarding the sides, mine are made of 1/2inch marine ply with an outer cladding of "wood" not sure what type of wood it is but it looks nice. They need varnishing with something decent every year though as driving about in all weathers does break down the varnish pretty quickly
  10. My sides are useable.
    I was going to put wooden strips on the load bed as per up there. ^^^^^^ and then put wooden boards on the inside of the drop downs.
    But I do have access to a whole load of 3mm Aluminium Chequer Plate, which may look better/be more practical?
  11. looking at the price of the original bed, I'd be inclined to go the route that you're thinking. That said, if mine rotted out I'd probably do something like the old classic Chevy truck beds. Hard wood with metal runners separating the planks... My tinternet at work wont let me load pictures of what i'm talking about :confused:
  12. Eberspacher
  13. I think in a Doka the dividing bulkhead is actually a structural item. This one has been cut out to accommodate the Marmitee from seats. Looks like a nice example at a very nice price, I just wonder what is lurking under that shiny new paint...

    It needs gates too, they look naked without them but he's made some nice touches on the load bed
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    I'm not sure about floor boards and aluminium carpet strips for a load bed! I hadn't noticed the bulk head had been chopped....less strength on one hand......less weight on the other!
  15. image.jpg This is my daily driver and I love it. But I might sell if I find the right buyer.
    It's a 1978 RHD 2.0 Australian import.
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  16. Unusual color combo,,like it :thumbsup:
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  19. How much? I don't do #tw@tter

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