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  1. Park it outside someone else's house?
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  2. Ooh, nice. Why haven't I seen that before? I like the wooden gates
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  3. So here is my own picture I the crewcab now on my drive. Sporting some stuff for the dump already but I haven't hot it MOT'd yet. Failed on ineffective handbrake and brake imbalance. I've been concentrating in finishing a US bus which I've sold so this had to wait. Should hopefully have time to get the brakes sorted tomorrow morning. 11am cutoff for MOT though so no chance if the callipers need cleaning up too

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  4. What would you do? It has a few bits which need covering to protect over the winter. Rattle can?? or I bought a compressor with guns etc which I haven't used. I'll never get a good match just spotting it in and have no idea what the colour is so thought just get some pastel white mixed up. Would you just blow in the bits that need doing or paint the whole van?
  5. Cry and weep you non pick up people. :p

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  6. [​IMG]
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  8. Yes you could.

    If it was for sale.

    But it's not. :p
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    I'm not surprised - it is a lovely looking thing :thumbsup:
  10. give it a scrub all over with a scotch pad and do a blow over the entire lot if youve got a gun. I did a blow over with cans and it looks :)
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  11. Now that's what you call LOW PROFILE TYRES!
  12. This thread is actually turning out to be rather informative and useful. Is that because @poptop2 hasn't turned up yet?
  13. Poptop and rickyroo havnt chipped in and mugged the thread.

    Can we ban them from this one. :D
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  14. I bet when those two are out together they are the type that like to go photo bombing.
  15. Glad you working class trucks know you place, working class and Westys don't, mix,
    Only joking I'm dead jealous would love to have a old double cab,
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    Id rather have a good un.




    Some know of my love for the doka syncro!
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