The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Finished installing my interior, well it’s installed to a point now that it’s usable I guess it’s never finished, still the gas to plumb in but happy with the how it’s turned out.

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  2. Put new rear tyres on it.
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  3. Emptied a can of Dinitrol into various cavities in it.
    Spent the day working in it from home as usual.
  4. Noo anti roll bar and all the gubbins, went ok but no pics - it's an anti roll bar ...
    After 5 years of having a leisure battery finally got around to strapping it in properly.

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  5. Checked the date on the LPG gas hose... whoops, April 2000. Is it really 20+ years since I last changed it? :eek:
    Fitted new gas hose :thumbsup:
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  6. Fitted mudflaps i bought 3years ago[​IMG]

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  7. Day


    Drove it, enjoying the newly greased passenger side rear cv boots.
    Had lunch in it... drove home thinking..... "I'll do the other side this week."
  8. Refitted petrol tank.
    All connected up inside - just the outlet to do.


    Made a panel from 3mm plastic to replace the ageing hardboard original.

    Was going to crack on and refit the bulkheads but rain stopped play.

    Random pic of interior..


  9. Gave it a good clean inside ready for camping next weekend
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  10. Fitted a towbar but it’s so tall I need a drop plate for me ball and I used scotch locks on the lectriks
  11. Emptied all of the camping gear out of Gusbus and loaded it up into Major ready to get away :D
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  13. Fitted some air shocks, hopefully finish the job tomorrow. Still dont know if they will be better than what was on there. 20210515_162601.jpg
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  14. Speedo time..


    That inner cog got loose again.. giving the spindle its on a whack seems to have got it stuck this time. If in doubt percussive maintenence

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  15. 2F176455-1F5E-4DEC-A1F2-5FCEF698CD9B.jpeg Put this on.
  16. Got a bit more of the interior done.

    I adapted the top mat in the picture (from a microbus I think) to fit under the rear crewcab seat.

    It will hopefully further deaden noise and stop anything stored under the seat from sliding about quite so readily.

    Just been jet washed in the photo..


    This is what it will look like when fitted..



    Got a couple of interior panels properly fitted with clips / bungs etc..



    And then the rain returned :(

    That’s it for today but some good progress this weekend despite the weather.

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  17. Wrestled the tailgate window seal onto the glass. Satisfying when it finally pops into place. BF448811-F646-4BE0-9F46-44EC86DA1B58.jpeg
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  18. Slept by the beach[​IMG]

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  19. Washed her, hoping to rekindle the love, found several more jobs to do, instead :oops:
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  20. Don’t wash it. You’ll only find more rusty bits :(

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