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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I have. Dosnt smell of petrol.
    And it’s not gear oil.
    I replaced the engine oil a month ago, after it being sat for a long time.
    If it was fuel, where would it get in from? The carb base, somehow?
  2. Or the fuel pump.
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  3. Yes...getting in via your carbs or carb . Worn mechanical fuel pump leaking into your oil possibly ...i know it does on a Hillman avenger as it filled the sump up to an extra half gallon , oil light came on thought oil might be down ...checked dip stick it was about 2 inches above the level mark .
    Others will come on with some of the possibility's with the carbs .

    Stick a fuel shut off valve on your fuel line that shuts down when you turn your key off , also helps stop the flow of fuel if you have a noisy cupboard fire .
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  4. Float valve not shutting off and let's fuel siphon through the carb and down the manifold..

    .. if it's only a small increase and it's been stood could be just the oil galleries emptying back down into the case..

    ....or your tyres are going down and the back and is getting lower

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  5. It was a new carb and fuel pump is even newer, bout 5 years old...
    Ain’t driven it much either. Moved house about 5 years ago, and stopped using it, around 3, as many other things got it the way,
    Only really just started ‘using’ it again.
    Not much, though, tbh.
  6. [​IMG]

    Prototype strut stay.
    Works perfectly.
    Rivnut in a P-Clip.
    The commercially available version will come complete with an attractive stubby wing bolt.
    Order yours today...

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  7. Wasn't that a song by The Police?
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  8. No.
    But it does fit well into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle record well, instead of ‘Heroes in a half shell’.
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  9. It doesnt take much of an angle for the oil level to change on the dipstick. On mine if I fill it on the driveway, drive it for a bit and re check it goes to half the way between min and max.. then stays there for weeks. My driveway is about a 3 degree slope..
    I did recently change the fuel pump because I have a suspicion it had a slow leak, there was always a slight dampness that evaporated just by the wobbly pivot pin..and I was concerned the oil level wasnt going down.
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  10. There’s no petrol smell in the engine bay...
  11. But the petrol pump can leak back down around the push rod without passing through the engine bay. It was only the slight dribble by the pivot that put me on to it - a mixture of oil coming up from below and something that evaporated ..
    It might also have been dripping off the carburettor above, where oily breather fumes condense out under my not very tightly sealed air box.. there is always some oily liquid on the seal between the top of the carb and the air box.

    Anyway I decided to go for an SSP rebuildable pump from Heritage at that point - as it claims E10 capable materials as well.
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  12. I got a pool canister type air filter .
  13. [​IMG]

    Had to get snazzy (as my dad put it) with the fuel cap surround repair and paint.

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  14. Changed some rubber on the gearbox
    But binned off the Jk front mount.

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  15. Ever said you’ll do a small job and then realise it’s a much bigger job ?

    My worst - still I think - was when I first got the crewcab and decided to change all the shift rod bushes only to realise it’s an engine / gearbox out job.

    Well I thought changing the rear torsion bar rubber bushes wouldn’t take long. Well what a mission in horrible weather but after stripping half the back of the bus off , i’ve done one side. Definitely worth doing though as the outer bushes were fubar’d and the inners had gone hard.

    Something to look forward to next weekend.

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  16. I’ve been putting this off for a couple of years now reading this it might wait a bit longer
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  17. I'm putting it off too , one of those jobs that could be a breeze or a reet &%%&& ...!

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  18. Waxed my seams. Waxed my legs :thumbsup:
  19. Bazza doing home visits again Snotts?
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  20. Just a wax and rub down this time.
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