The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. one could eat ones Quiche off that finish, looks lovely:D
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  2. Winner!
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  3. [​IMG]
    I finally have a roof again!


    Still a lot to do but at least it sits well and stays up.


    Spent 8hrs doing 6 screws for the strut placement, but it was worth it with no margins for error and not something I wanted to screw up!

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  4. No work on it but I scraped the frost off and drove to Lidl first thing.
  6. [​IMG]
    This took slightly less than my 1hr20mins per screw to do.
    Only just got a couple but it seems really great!
    Motion sensing and even a dimmer for £10 a piece.
    Magnetic so move it anywhere useful.
    Metal body was a quality surprise.

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  7. Don't quite know how spraying the bus in low temperatures is going to pan out.
    The 2 pack primer went on OK.
    I just hope its sunny tomorrow [​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Not too bad a few runs here and there wind was annoying one minute nothing then [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Fitted my spangly newly powder coated spring plate covers..


    The downside is that having removed the old covers the rubber outer bushes look a bit worn so that’s something else on the list to replace.

    Got rid of some more South African dust and small stones that were hiding behind the covers though :)

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  10. If the outer ones are worn, likely the inner ones aren’t in good shape either...
  11. Started the engine out - fix the oil leak project today by draining the oil out.....wish me luck, I've not done this before :eek:

    More bits and bobs need dismantling tomorrow.
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  12. :thumbsup: Just done a click and collect order with C&C.

    Knowing something is worn like that just plays on my mind and they’re only £4 @

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  13. At least there will be fewer flies this time of year, and it isnt bright yellow which would have attracted them even more.
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  14. The inside ones are probably a bit worn too. It will help a bit eliminating bump steering as the torsion bars waggle around.
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  15. On the engine bay sensor computer - Shielded the thermocouple cables from the CHT sensors and fixed a wobble in the algorithm for the rev counter. Also synchronised the reading of analog values with just after the points close to reduce noise.

    Finished the cushion covers in the back, the last set of pop fastenings went on.
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  16. I didn’t understand a single word of that until you got to cushion covers ;)

  17. Check my oil again today.
    Havnt driven it for about a week.
    Not long ago, I had a strange oil leak, you May remember...
    Now the oil is back up to the top line on the dipstick, but still with a few drops of oil on the drip tray. It seems to be topping itself up, somehow!
  18. ....or even your cheese and egg flan!
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  19. Quiche. It's quiche.
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  20. Make sure fuel isn't getting it's way into your oil .
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