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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. cut a large chunk out of the rear corner and made a start on grafting early rear lights in.
    Trial fitted a custom front badge.
    put up a gazebo to keep the rain that is sure to come now I have two weeks off work to fire up the welder off
  2. Did a wedding in bewdley today image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  4. Not as fit as recent raz no but still lovely she cried all day bless her :)
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  5. Enlarged 2 holes in it.
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  6. Drove it to busfest and back, then fitted my new Towbar cover

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  7. Watch it on a streaming tv site. I ditched BT last week and watched the pilot online....good stuff!
  8. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Does that work on an iPad?

    (please use simple words and phrases when answering)
  9. In a bridesmaid :eek:?
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  10. £30 ish on ebay, get your self an andriod tv box with kodi loaded, then you can access anything you like, live hd sport, all sky channels, latest films etc all free
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  11. me and scamp fitted my wheels back on after a few evenings spent painting them white wih rattle cans and laquer for the grand total of £46 for all 4 :)

  12. Bowling ball springs to mind.......
  13. Put another coat of paint on the bus. And sorted the reversing switch and wiring.
  14. Trying to get to the bottom of the fuel in oil issues:
    1. Measured (electric) fuel pump pressure - 2.5 PSI
    2. Checked fuel flow from pump - it gushes out
    3. Found another oil leak :(
    4. Took throttle linkage off
    5. Took one Dell'Orto DRLA36 carb off, and only dropped one nut down the the venturi :oops:. Fortunately the throttle butterfly caught it.

    Hopefully start rebuilding them tomorrow. I have a rebuild kit, but no bottom gaskets.

    I'm curious where the gunge has come from. Do you think it's dried up fuel, or oil?
  15. Dried fuel, I'd think, possibly from the upper carb gasket.
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  16. I did a doubletake on those two posts too ...
  17. Sewed together some new cushion covers to cover the upgraded cushions on the rock and roll bed. Quite fun but quite hot using the bus as a sewing room.

    Then tied a bit of string to the tailgate lock mechanism and put some insulation in the tailgate before putting the hardboard panel back on. Now I can pop the tailgate from inside.
  18. Removed both headlights to drain the water that had gathered on a recent trip to wales. It was a right pain to lever them free and I managed to scratch the front panel when one of them finally popped off!

    Changed the indicator lenses and seals in the hope of eliminating a small water leak in the front panel. Old seals were knackered, so it will definitely help.

    Spent a couple of days searching for the source of a water leak at the rear window on the drivers side.
    Yesterday i spent ages hosing the roof gutter - wasn't there.
    Today I spent ages hosing the window seal and under the screw on panel thing (opposite side to sliding door) -
    Still can't find it!
  19. Gave is its first wash this year


    Also washed the cushions
  20. Fitted my NOS undertins after the second one arrived from Germany today. Yes a delivery on a Sunday. Most odd. Almost didnt want to fit them...

    2015-08-21 17.00.42.jpg 20150906_131708.jpg
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