The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. JamesLey

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    Got some primer on the rollover jig ready for it to go on next week. Not going to top coat it, just wanted something on it to stop it rusting. Got 3 days off next week to work on her. Plan is to get it on the jig and remove underseal to see what nasties I can find.
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  2. Exciting!
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  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Ironed on some super rare Moonraker edging strip and finally replaced the overhead locker door that was full of drill holes, for a pristine one from @it's Ted. For which, thanks!
    It took flipping hours as if didn't quite fit and the latch didn't quite meet. Aaaarg! Had to get fancy with a slice of cork to act as a spacer.
    But now it's fair dinkum.
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  4. With a little persuasion from a hammer leisure battery now fitted and wired up.

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  5. Finished unpacking from bank holiday weekend in the New Forest
  6. Now we're watching Fear the Walking Dead!
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  7. Strapped the kids in back, jumped in drivers seat and strapped myself in, started to turn the key and i really need to make this journey? no was the answer. got everybody out and didnt bother going to a&e for removal of saucepan from sons head.

    alright, really i just walked to the post office instead.
    thats another story right there, the *****ing idiots. post office deserves to go out of business
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  8. I quite like the postman he brings me things in the morning like letters and parcels :)
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  9. postman....ok
    post office....retards
  10. "Cashier number three..."
  11. Do you normally iron your van furniture @Kkkaty ? I've heard of being houseproud, but this is ridiculous.
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  12. Replaced the N/S indicator as all of the original reflective surface has gone. now I can see it flash in the daytime. and found the current drain on the battery was a faulty split charge relay, switching at 12.4 volts.
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  13. Doh! You've clearly never re-edged your van with iron-on stuff
    And yes, inevitably I burned myself.
  14. sANDYbAY

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    Now you're just teasing because I don't have BT vision. :(
  15. The only useful thing about it
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  16. Snapped the cheapo window regulator on drivers side the weekend , so popped door card off and drilled in and fitted x2 small bolts through it were the tacks had fell apart :rolleyes: Then started to touch up the underneath paintwork were was chipped but ended up painting it all with left over paint :thumbsup:
  17. The correct way of "improving" Devon furniture is to chuck it in the skip ;)...
  18. Be carefull once you start painting underneath your bus
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  19. Not like the complete westy interior that was in my van when i bought it that shold have been saved:oops:
  20. Oh, you silly boy :(

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