The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I'm a fathlete you know!
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  2. Think I'd go with you on the shish, but chilli sauce is a winner for getting under your fingernails :)
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  3. Has Lucy’s rash cleared up? That was quite nasty.
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  4. Why do you think Bazza has been quiet :)
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  5. It`s that footy thing on the telly-box ....

    First FA cup final i`ve watched in decades and now i know why ...

    What a bunch of overpaid C*^&%$ , that`s 2 hours of my life i won`t get back - apart from the over acting it was dull as ditchwater but the commentators thought it was a good match ??

    Unlucky @Barry Haynes and your lot , the sending off was farcical .

    Bring back passion , aggresive play , club loyalty and perms :thumbsup:

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  7. Class
    Don't see any of 'em staying down , even after being 'bitten' .

    When real men played football for the game , not to be part of a 30 man squad on thousands per week .

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  8. 444B124C-3051-4BCC-9CD4-28E8B3CA2F82.jpeg Drove it!
  9. Washed it. Refitted the bike rack in preparation for France holiday next weekend.
  10. Picked at rusty bits. Sprayed with Fertan.
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  11. Still camping in it
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  12. Put some filler on the rust, painted it and left it.

    Fitted the thermocouple into the 1/2 cylinder head , after some blind dremelling to increase the size of the hole to take the brake line nut.

    Was about to slightly rewire the leisure wiring but it started raining and I discovered I am run out of 4.0mm2 crimp connectors.
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  13. Rewired the fuel relay.
  14. Drove down the west coast passed the balcony gig at Cobo bay and on to Vazon. Small messy surf with lots of beginners in.
    Noted that it was about time to have another look at the popping noise from the exhaust. Probably the mating surfaces in the heads again. Hopefully just get away with nipping them up.
    Must change the oil as well soon.
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  15. Still camping in it[​IMG]

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  16. Drove it
    Urban camped in it
    Drove it again
    Went for a walk
    Drove it home

    Looking forward to proper camping in it at Keith's next weekend
  17. Hope it's going ok?
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  18. All good so far, going back to work tomorrow so evening so i have little distance to cover been great upto now, done about 80 miles with the fix!

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  19. Finally got the engine back in. . I didn't get to fire it up tonight, but it's all connected up. Just got the engine bar, fuel line to the carb and servo hose to do.

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