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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Well done, worth sticking with it :)

  2. All I'm saying... Its field mechanics to get me home..

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  3. Fantastic! is a lawn mower engine after all. :gnome:
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  4. Decided to investigate the elusive 1st and 2nd gear, and why reverse doesn't require any pushing of the gear lever.
    Treated myself to a genuine gear selector plate and a new gear level locating pin (well slap my arse and call me Susan, life just doesn't get anymore exciting than that, now does it?)
    But Hallelujah! A revelation. It's a shame I can't drive at the moment, because sitting on the driveway with the engine off, everything seems to be exactly where it's supposed to be.
    Happy Days!
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  5. Good work. :thumbsup:
    Did you check the collar part for wear? The part of the stick that slides against the plate and ducks under it for reverse? The more worn that is the harder it is to set up the gears. It should be round with no flat side.

    Where did you get the pin?
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  6. I’ve never had the pop up but ‘tlb1405’ should give the discount – it always has for me anyway.
  7. The gearstick isn't that old, so the collar looked okay (a refabricated original RHD that C&C do occasionally), but the domed bit of the pin was a bit flattened meaning the spring didn't do it's job brilliantly so I thought it was worth replacing - JK do them. What surprised me was the amount of wear on the gear selector plate when I swapped it - it was a cheapy repro I bought a few years ago, but the ski jump was bent and the other side was very worn. The genuine one certainly looks stronger.
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  8. You all sorted then?
  9. CODE



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  10. Just drove 15 miles and all is well. Carb refurb set ordered [​IMG]

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  11. Glad your sorted
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  12. Thank you very much for the help guys, sometimes some fresh ideas helps in a panicky situation

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  13. Well done!
  14. Brilliant - well done for sticking with it , lots would have taken the easy option and made the phone call so top man :thumbsup:

    Mate of mine , top bloke and a great `fixer` has a saying "if you`re stuck in the desert what do ya do ?" and i`ve lived by that mantra . There`s always a way to fix it and using your imagination and talking to people will often get you going again .
    A classic repair and great story - made my day :):)

    Oh , and happy Yorkshire day , you couldn`t have broken it in a better place with helpful resourceful locals :D

  15. I must have met your mate in the dim and distant past as I always call it desert mechanics too :)
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  16. Favorite film "Flight of the Phoenix" by any chance :thumbsup:

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  17. I remember watching it in 1969! Classic.
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  18. Two major breakdowns sorted this week with happy endings!

    TLB comes good as always :D
  19. :rolleyes:
  20. Luvvit. So good to see.
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