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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Started the engine removal process. Removed the exhaust and the rear tin. Disconnected the wiring, and started undoing the fuel lines. Course, I forgot to clamp the line and yellow snowed a load of fuel out of the pump . Then the sleet started and I packed up.

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  2. We went out and had a picnic in ours ... on the bloody driveway before anyone says anything :D
  3. Didn't have a picnic in mine.....I just pretended to be out for a spin in it
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  4. Is that like when we were 5 years old and we sat in our parent's car holding the steering wheel and making engine noises? I can see the beauty in this, no fuel costs, no wear and tear and we get to be 5 years old again :D
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  5. Just for you @zedders :thumbsup:

    Swept floor.jpg
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  6. It felt like it was going faster than normal...
    Well the driveway is downhill....
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  7. Got a hole here.

    Any idea if these panels are available?! [​IMG]

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  8. Yes but it`ll be a full panel .
    Best to pop out the window , cut out the rust and fabricate a new piece ...

  9. First time actually done a few jobs, fitted scat shifter(after having 4 years), replaced speedo cable and fitted gas struts to roof (after having 2 years). Tried adjusting passenger door by bending welded hinges a little, gained a bit but still have to have a shim on lower hinge.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. New back plates on front. And caliper. [​IMG]

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  11. I got on the roof and finally got the solar panel fitted Didn't get it wired in, spent far too long trying to feed the wires behind panelling, that's a job for another day.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Nothing, far to busy with other people’s
    New sunroof seal and de mould
    Oil seals , fuel lines and breathers
    New front and arches
    Might furlough myself next week

    Why has Tapatalk started putting pics in backwards order?
  13. Dont do much on DC but will you create eddy currents on +/- in metal bkt bud, make need a slot between holes. Google it to confirm.

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  14. No idea.

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  15. I think thats talking about corrosion caused by dissimilar metals, or currents flowing because the body is used as earth return.
    Which probably doesnt apply here because the fixing brackets are plastic, and both positive and negative connections to the solar cell are running down insulated wires

    Just make sure you PU seal all the holes you drilled and under fittings - silicone eventually cracks off and creates a wicking path for water..the PU will take the paint off rather than give up grip.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Finally feels like i’ve made progress with my gutter & roof repairs. Today is Seam Sealer underneath...which i’m unlikely to upload a photo of

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  17. Fitted the front up but somethings not right


    that’s better
    Note for future the JK headlight surround screw is too short

  18. Been to do a shop.. so went in the bus ... still smiling.. awesome job @pkrboo :thumbsup:
  19. Fitted a cheap steering wheel cover. Took a fair time lacing it on , deciding on what pattern of threading to do, getting it wrong and leaving a twist or two in the cord.
  20. Absolutely gutted. Spent 4 days stripping the (about 12 I reckon) layers of paint off my roof to repaint it. Did 2 coats of rust converter on the whole roof “just in case”, left it 3 hours as instructed. Bruised & broken (& sunburnt), but the first layer went on later afternoon yesterday.

    This morning, patches have appeared - some where there wasn’t even rust before I grinded it all back!

    Now the recommendation is to strip it off & do it all again. I am absolutely gutted.






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