The air bag alternative!

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  1. My bus with factory wheels...


    My Bus with aftermarket/factory new beetle wheels...

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  2. Actually I do need some information which would help me with time... Does anyone know the width, and height of the factory front and rear coil springs for a late bay? I'm guessing in-between 3.5, and 4.5 inches in width? I have no idea in height. I could at least order the front, or rear set-up. I have my garage compressor to play with. Exact measurements would be a blessing.
  3. Coil springs on a bay...?

    Bay's have torsion bars and oil filled dampers... Vanagons have coil springs :thumbsup:
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  4. LOL!!! Shhhhhh don't tell anyone.... This actual makes my set-up a little easier (cheaper). However, it drops my weight to carry down to 3000 lbs per wheel.
  5. Love the look of your bus on those beetle wheels, what size tyres are you running? Have you had to fit a narrowed beam :thinking:
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  6. 215-50-17

    Now that it has warmed up a bit, I can concentrate on my Bus again. I have done tones of research and have come up with some pieces to use to make my bus ride on air. I have the whole summer off and plan on installing my idea in that time.
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  7. keep at it...:thumbsup:
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  8. My last day teaching at school is June 19th. I'll do my measurements and order that weekend (Monday).
  9. Have Type2Detectives air shocks on the front of my bus now. Ride is wicked and my bus is brilliant to drive again.
    Would deffo recommend it :thumbsup:
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  10. Any updates on this?
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  11. Did it lower the bus any?
  12. I have not had time to really do anything with the Bus. My daily driver has eaten up a lot of resources, and time, and is still not quite right. Also I have picked up a 73 Vw Thing which has also taken up a lot of time and money. Although not quite scrapped, but my "cheap air ride" attempt has been put on the back burner for a while.
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  13. come on! Lol let me know when it happens

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