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    My point was meant to be - They do this type of air lift suspension on some buses. I am sure I saw it at Malvern a few years ago.
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  2. Limebug has started to do air ride systems for campers with that style of bag @poptop2
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  3. here in the US sales parts for air ride with bags. However, I don't have $5500US in parts alone to do it. I have my eyes set on 4 air spring/struts for less than $100US per strut (would need 4 total) and I can install myself. Would be a whole lot cheaper, and much, much easier to mod, and install. Only real expense would be the Air controller, tank, and compressor. So, I'm thinking about $350 for all the struts, and $200 in parts (fittings, and air lines), and $1000 to $1500 for controller, tank, and compressor. So, about $2000, to $2500 installed, vrs. $7000, to $8000 installed for bags.
    Would I get the adjustability of bags all the way around vrs. air struts... Prob. not, but the 1-2 inch difference in my opinion is not worth the $5000 difference. Also, either way I go I would still have to frame notch, and tube the front to make it drop as low as I would like it. So the $8000 bag drop now turns into almost $10000! vrs. The $2500 strut drop and maybe $4000 total after the frame work.
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    Fair enough - totally understandable. Pop up some pics when you do it. It should be an interesting project.
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  5. Have a scan about on A lot of people have tried the pump up shocks with success on the front, but one you can physically fit for the rear hasn't got the capacity to lift the weight. If you manage it, you could easily make your money back off the early crowd selling kits from the States. ;)
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  6. Part of my idea is to use this air spring... The rest of my idea is a bit radical but its all built around this! at 1500 per unit (4), it should be enough to hold up my bus.
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  7. At this point, the only thing holding me back from starting this project is money... Im looking at an initial start of about $400US per axel. On a teachers salary, that's a tough road to haul.

    All parts used will give about 1800lbs per wheel!
  8. can you vary the damping independent of ride height with this set-up?
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  9. LOL, pretty sure you can't, or at least, I don't have any other information on that. Currently, I have an adjustable beam, shorter shocks, and a 4.5 inch lowering horse shoe in the rear. As rough as my bus rides now, anything on air would be a major improvement.

    My thinking is to keep my adjustable beam, and have it set for 2 inches lowered only, and let the air struts do the rest! (I'll have about 4 inches total of air sups. to play with in the front. Theoretically, I'll have a total of 6 inches of lowered height with the struts totally out (2 inches from the beam, 4 inches from the struts).

    For the rear, I'm thinking I should remove the horse shoes and bring it back to ride height, and only use the 4 inches from the air struts. Maybe use adjustable 2" spring plates in the future.

    So I'd have a 6 inch drop in the front, and a 4 inch drop in the rear! However, I now run into having to frame notch, and tubing the front?!
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  10. This is what holds me back a little. I have the tubs but I am not sure I really want to start notching the chassis (I did hear it causes trouble at the mot if the chassis has been modified)

    Will there be a need to notch the rear at 4 inches?
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  11. I currently have 4.5" lowering horseshoes on my bus with shorter shocks and 215-55-17 tires on 7x17 inch rims and I don't have any rubbing. If I have more than 2 people in the back it will rub (more when I make turns). Other than that, I have no issues.
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  12. OK that's good to know.

    I was thinking of going 17's as well. Have you got a picture of how yours sits at the moment please?
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  13. yep! click my avatar pic!
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  15. @Serpent7 do you ahve any other pictures of your bus please? those wheels are just gorgeous! and with that ride height looks like its a chip foose special!!
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  17. I'll try when I get home.... Actually, there should be a few on here. Let me see if I can find some links for you. Thanks again! My bus is far from Chip Foose! Maybe "Chipped Loose!"
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  18. Just a quick update, got tank, solenoids compressor all fitted up and working nicely, just needs a little more fettling.

    my compressor was a steal of eBay for 40 quid!
    It's a viair 280c
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