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  1. If you are like me, you are totally obsessed with having AirRide suspension on your late bay. I have been hiding money, brown bagging it for lunch, and going on beer hiatuses for years. Air Beams are $1800 +, Rear bags are $350 + and have to be welded in and modified ($$$$), and "inexpensive" air management systems are $900 +! The prices mentioned don't even include instillation... It's so plain to see why I haven't purchased a set-up yet. The sacrifices so far have been great, but while working on a few things at work, I had an epiphany, and then it hit me... I already started down the static drop road, Albortross welded in adjusters, 4 inch horseshoes in the rear, lowered shocks, etc... financially it would not be beneficial to undo what's already been done.

    My Shocks... I could simply replace my current lowered shocks with air shocks!!! I would have a more comfortable ride by raising my front beam adjusters a bit, and maybe loosing my 4Inch rear horseshoes all together! By running Air Shocks, I could raise and lower my Bus with air just like bags, without the expense, or modifications needed for AirBags! My only problem would be finding the proper AirShocks. AirShocks that give you a lot of adjustments, just like bags, that would fit my bus. TLB, I GIVE YOU.....

    They can also make custom AirSprings!!! I got a little research to do, but I have already been on page looking up the size shocks needed for my Bus. Hmmmm, AirRide does not seem now so out of the question...
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    Surely shocks are just that, shock absorbers? Vehicles run on springs of varying descriptions with shocks to dampen them, you seem to be saying you could try and suspend a heavy bus on air shock absorbers?
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  3. Im sorry, the correct terminology is AirSprings. The air springs are in the link I posted originally...

    About half way down the Air Bag It page, so far Item number #800 looks promising! I'll know more once I do a little more investigation on my buses suspension.
  4. guess they'll have the damping rates for each unit, so you can figure out what will work
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  5. LOL, if you click on the air spring/shock in particular on the website, it tells you the damping rates. Also, they custom make air springs, so I could theoretically tell them what I need and they could make it, however, I'm sure that would be a more expensive way of doing it. One of the issues would be figuring out the circumference of the stock shock (or in my case the aftermarket shock) before ordering. Last time I looked at it, it looked like a standard size. I'm assuming the standard size is 3.5 inches.
    The second website I posted shows the factory specs and sizes of a factory shock. In theory, I would remove the old spring, and shocks to replace them with the cool air spring units, and use some type of controller on them!
  6. I guess not too many people are interested in it?! Currently, I'm researching different Air Management Systems. I have the Air/spring info. about 85% complete! Gotta pay off a few more credit card bills before I order anything!
  7. I'm watching and waiting. :)
    The air shocks I've read about people trying so far can't cope with the weight of the rear. The isn't much room to fit them in.
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  8. i'm interested too, but i think you need to test it out first to see if it works :)
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  9. I think you should just remove the current shocks, drain the oil and refill with custard, that way you should have a tastier ride? Rhubarb Coil overs might also help to absorb any sudden jolts over potholes etc? ;)
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  10. It's going to happen, I'm going to do it... Now if it works, or not is the question? LOL
  11. Im following with interest
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  12. is this similar to the setup @Austin has?
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  13. I've just bought a set of Monroe airshocks, I'm waiting on the fitting kit before i get them installed but I'm just doing the front. My plan is to run low and just occasionally raise the front to get on campsites etc
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  14. That would be so useful ;)
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  16. Just to add I would love mine on air as well. I have made my beam now I am just saving for some air bags to mock up the plates and levers.
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  17. ron


    Passenger trains use airbag suspension
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  18. I am going that root i build my own set up no torsion leaves solid bars an rotating cups - what pump and tank are you going to use
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  19. I have already built, and installed a beam with Allbros adjusters. Im now going for Air ride, but with shocks instead of bags. I am a school teacher, and I have a 15 month old. I have not have time to do anything, but will get there soon!
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    I had one of these babies go on my trailer on-- Tuesday night. Jeez, I thought a bomb had gone off...


    It does raise 20 ton though.
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