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  1. Not if you also use it to wipe your 'arris, then use it for fuel on your alternative version of eco fire logs.....
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  2. Though you need to get 4x the use of a plastic. Also is it heavier? Increasing fuel usage for transportation.
    BTW I'm being devil's advocate here.
  3. Meanwhile in far away Brazil, the fat cats are burning the rainforest to destruction so they can produce soya and beef for the Chinese. China is consuming everything and doesn't care about the effects on far away countries and the rest of us.

    Its a fact that rainforests produce 20% of the Earth's oxygen, burning consumes oxygen and produces CO2. Once the forests are gone, who knows where we will be, struggling to breathe no doubt.

    Most of the other oxygen in the air is produced by phytoplankton in the oceans. The oceans are being polluted wholesale and may reach a level where the friendly plankton die off with serious consequences.

    Good on the protesters but fat cats, politicians and despots are not interested and shrug them off.
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  4. PIE


    You mention China and Brazil, whats the point of making the lives of people in London misrable, as a country we seem to be doing more than most, If you take the protesters as individual cases and examine their lifestyle I bet you could beat quite a few of them with the hypocrisy stick.
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  5. Almost all of those interviewed on TV come across as Boho rich, or the children of Boho rich.

    Either way, they seem to be taking time out to protest - because they can..............
  6. ron


    meanwhile in Australia they are opening a huge new coalmine ( for exporting to the chinese apparently)
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  7. Australia is a major contributor to world pollution and climate change. The country has huge coal reserves and its big in oil production as well. As China does, it sucks up the world's resources from any country willing to sell to them which includes Australia.

    I agree with the point about protesters over here causing disruption, but presumably they think we are the only country listening a bit to their protests. Couldn't imagine them doing similar protests in China for example.

    I do wonder why we continue to make changes for climate change when the rest of the World seems to be doing bugger all.
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  9. yes, as expected its us and the Europeans making the effort but its the likes of China, India, Australia, USA, Brazil and so on who are doing little, and they are big polluters and getting bigger.

    Most of the Scandinavian countries have small populations and little heavy industry. Spain and Portugal exploit sun power, not sure some of the others focussing on nuclear energy is good though.
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  11. Have the great unwashed crusties gone home yet:thumbsup:
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  12. Sort of. They’ve all gone round your house.
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    China,,,,,,, Rhino horn, tusks, pandalin scales tiger penis ,shark fins the list goes on, thats where they should be demonstrating, the ignorant fools driving the trade want sorting.
  14. PIE


    To be fair we should send em all our toe nail clippings, give the rhinos elephants and pandalins a break, they would do exactly the same for their fertility, as if they needed any more.
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  15. When all the animals are gone, no doubt the Chinese would be interested in our toe clippings.
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  17. So many cats -so few recipes
  18. Day


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    Just seen Andrew Neil interviewing a representative from extinction rebellion who wants 0 emissions by 25, so they want us unilaterally to give up all aviation, cooking and heating with gas no internal combustion engines, how the hell are we going to farm, we would have to give up all our jobs and take up the plough and scythe, she diddnt mention gadgets and fashion though, cos they like that stuff.
    It wouldnt make a great different but we would be setting an example to the rest of the world, Im sure they would all be rushing to follow us.
  20. So everyone would be reliant on electricity from nuclear and renewables, for ALL their transport, heating, cooking... in fact for everything? Could the grid and power generation actually cope with demand, not forgetting industry as well?
    We had a power cut in my area for 1 hour 15 mins earlier today, bet that would go down well.
    I'm all for saving the planet but they have to try and keep at least one foot grounded in reality!
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