That Greta kid

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rustbucket, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. I swing wildly between thinking what an impressive young lady and finding her super annoying.

    I can’t help thinking she’s behind the collapse of Thomas Cook. 150 planes removed in one go. She’s gotta have had a hand in that.
  2. I find her rather creepy, in a “Children of the Corn” way. I think you overestimate her influence.
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  3. Loada Garbo
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  4. I'm not sure how many Thomas Cook customers listen to her opinions if I'm honest
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  5. i think she's rather wonderful :)
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  6. I liked her best in Ninotchka.
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  7. Dubs

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    This. She is making folk talk and listen, which can only be a good thing. :thumbsup:
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  8. No. She is making them talk.
    I don’t think many are listening.
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  9. She will be the future leader of the newgreen fascist party clean up or face death of the reasons i got rid of my old classic Foden ..can see those the first to go .
    You don't think she is Bjork's daughter by any chance.
    Know what you mean about being creepy
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  10. Well i just googled her and i imagined her with a funny little mustache under her nose.
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  11. Terrordales

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  12. Have to say I prefer Greta Van Fleet :thumbsup:
  13. Poor Led Zep clones ;)
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  14. Thought she had a shoot out on Boot Hill when I saw the name.
  15. She should go back to playing with her dolly’s, I don’t know kids of today what ever happened to kids should be Seen and not heard
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  16. She certainly seems a very angry young lady. I’ve got to be honest I’m not exactly sure what she wants. I know in general terms it’s to save the planet, which I’m sure we all want. But specifically what is it she is demanding? Like a lot of these activists, she seems to make a lot of noise but when you drill down into their suggestions a lot of it just isn’t achievable in the time frames they demand, simply isn’t practical. Demanding everyone drives electric cars and all power should come from renewables by next Tuesday etc.
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  17. Trump’s reaction showed him to be the loathsome individual we’ve come to expect.
  18. bernjb56

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    I wonder how much control of her life she still has?
    I wouldn’t want my child to be exposed in the way she is.
  19. Don’t listen we are all doomed !!
  20. Moons

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    I’m disconcerted by how simple a complex problem is being presented, but then maybe her Aspergers allows her to see complex as simple....or allows others more savvy with an agenda to put her in the firing line.

    The drive to make in a generational thing is annoying, we are all part of the problem, if we segment the solution we all interesting to see how this plays out in 20 years.

    Find in hilarious that they have twitter trends for ‘action’ irony in what those platform consume or how their phones are produced, god love em.
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