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    Has it? Admittedly some areas have got worse. Rivers and beaches haven’t been as clean for decades though.
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    In this country and other European countries, but I read the worlds major rivers in the old soviet countries India China and South America are more polluted than before. Oil propelled vehicles both use and production have been responsible for most of the extra pollution, and then there has been the increase of chemical use since the war. It’s mostly down to our generation tbh
  3. I think you are being too hard on yourself. I’d say your generation has done a lot to improve things.

    Cleaner power stations
    Cleaner motor vehicles
    Cleaner aircraft

    Dramatic reduction in industrial waste dumping.
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    Are you London types getting fed up with groupes with different gripes "shutting down London"
  5. When did they do that then?
    Didn’t see a thing today!
  6. It's over population which is the biggest issue ...prise pay outs for getting sterilised is an option .
    Like the way they blame meat consumption cattle methane pollution ...i bet our world wide arses chuck out trillions more methane ( blame culture again ).
    Sitting in front of Bulldozers in the rain forest would prove to be be more productive ...especially when we live in such a transparent world press media wise .

    Don't get me wrong i know where they are coming from, and i am concerned too . On a grim note maybe this planet earth would be better off without us on it....all other creatures and plants would probably pull a sly smile and agree for big planet earth it's just a clear your throat and gob of a problem
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  7. The tree huggers that are bringing London to a halt make me sick, get the fire brigade to give them a good soaking that will send them all home to their big middle class houses with big gas guzzling cars, the ones that have superglued themselves to the road just leave them there, put me in charge of it all Boris I'll have it sorted in a couple of hours
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  8. And by the way they say my generation caused all this well I never went on a foreign holiday, our milk came in glass bottles, we walked to school, we rode bikes not spent hours on computers or I pads or smart phones, we had no plastic bags etc etc
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  9. and @Poptop2 blaming it all on a punk band, what the lychee has generation X got to do with global warning:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  10. It can't result in an overall reduction if there are far more power stations, motor vehicles and aircraft on the planet now?

    Industrial waste might not go straight into the sea or ground now, but I wouldn't say the overall quantity has reduced in any way.
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    He was Billy Idol!
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  12. Now they are doing yoga on Westminster bridge, please rain:thumbsup:
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    The places they need to be bringing to a standstill are the places that they dare not bring to a standstill.
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    Too many people too many cats
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    They are moaning about uk mammel and anphibian decline, my next door has one of those massive Maine Coons, its always got a vole shrew song bird or newt in its mouth, I think if you look at the stats they are one of the main causes of decline. They even interbreed with wild cats causing them to decline.
    I would imagine that a lot of the protesters are cat owners, the damage cats do, to them I would imagine is an inconvenient truth.
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  17. What is a Maine coon ?
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    A bloody big cat
  19. Another American import
    Strange how our forebears introduced foreign species thinking it was a good idea at the time Grey Squirrels muncjacks rhodadandrums Volkswagens?
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  20. Paper bags have a carbon footprint four times greater than plastic ones. :D
    Shall put my big stirring spoon away.
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