Techenders - 12th - 14th May. Who’s coming?

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  1. If memory serves me correctly someone on here did find some good ones but it was a long while ago.
  2. Many thanks to all who worked on my DRLA carburettors on Saturday, it seemed like my van had room oomph on the way home.
  3. I will let Vanorak know! Think he had some concerns but mainly that the carbs wouldn’t adjust to get the settings needed. Think it was an as close as possible setting in the end!
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  4. Another great weekend,

    Always nice to meet up with such pleasant people, and @Baysearcher..

    Always something interesting going on,

    lots of people learning something new from clever people, and helping each other out,:cool:
    it has a bar in the evenings :beer:

    Dont quite get the naysayer opinions..:confused:

    You should all embrace it,
    as its quite a unique happening,

    not something I've seen in other car shows/scenes..
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  5. ginger ninja

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    There's a bar?!

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  6. bluerustybucket

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    You peaked to early Paul
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  7. It certainly does have its own special charm that’s hard to put into words.
  8. bluerustybucket

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    I'm always amazed by the help received from people at techenders. And the dedication of some of you....
    If you look closely, on the front seat of Mike's van, you'll see xmas dec's. Now that's going the extra mile [​IMG]

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  9. Sometimes he expects to still be tinkering until xmas... :p

    He is one of the legends of the weekends.. :cool:
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  10. Looks like i only took 1 photo..

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  11. Belly

    Belly Button fluff

    Found it !!
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