Subaru conversion - getting air into engine bay

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by alexbloorino, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Don't worry I'm still doing poptopkitchen aswell
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  2. Baysearcher

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    I watched someone put coleslaw on chilli this week. The bloody hethens.
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    I hope you called an officer of the law!
  4. Baysearcher

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    I was in too much shock.
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  5. Mmmhh genius coleslaw and chilli nice !!
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  6. Hi

    Il have take some pictures there are few minutes...

    Is the firts picts on web !!

    Attached Files:

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  7. :burp::burp:H6?
  8. Yes... Sweet engine...
  9. We need more picture of this! :):D
  10. Sweet indeed, any problems with the CT? Is it registered as ‘voiture de collection?
  11. Yes "77 westy" my bus is registrered in colector papier.
    The CT is for 5years, at the moment the moment the fuel is the one on the papers, is ok.

    if the assembly is clean limit give the impression that it is the original mechanics ...
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  12. Lowered and non original engine... You must be friend with the CT guy ;)
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  13. Ha Ha, where did you get the CT done? Mine noticed the changes to the carburettors and the suspension modifications were noted on the CT.
  14. the ct is not a problem ...
    the rest of the bus is illegal we agree.
    on this page what are we talking about?
    cooling ... Subaru
    do not pollute the post with these issues off topic ...

  15. These Euro lads are a bit touchy aren't they! :eek:;)
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  16. C5BB8E46-6826-4E84-A872-5818A662CBF8.jpeg
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  17. Sorry 'mon amis', I’ll go and stand in the corner.

    Incidentally, how do you cool your Subaru engine? I missed it in your on topic post.
  18. end of the Parenthesis.

    the bus has a radiator
    under the floor with a scoop. the radiator comes from a seat Toledo v5 with 2 spals 70cmx40
    two stainless steel hoses from the engine to the radiator.
    in the future I will mount a heater Alu 100x40. for the fans to trigger less often in the summer.

    the holes in the hatch engine help the air to escape a little, without visual edit.
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  19. Awww, we like a bit of a chat:(
    Good skills on your bus though:thumbsup:
  20. Huh
    Run along now :D

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