Subaru conversion - getting air into engine bay

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  1. This is the perfect set up under the bus, but may be beyond my skill set

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  2. This thread is about mods and especially subaru conversion. Just let people build their cars the way they want them, none of them would ever tell you what you should do with yours.
    And by the way, already checked compression in 3rd cylinder? Not that the air cooled did not have any temperature probs...
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  3. Perfect till a stone or branch smashes a hole in it and it overheats in an instant :D
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  4. Hi
    If you make Hole under the licence plate .
    Like me, and set of earz.

    Since beginning conversion i take this solution,
    And we hanven't problems .
    In summer on spain with 40°c .
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  5. Have you got a picture of your set up?
  6. My 2nd radiator is mounted comparable, but not flat so air flows at least a little without the fan, its not as thick as this one. These radiators here require you to cut a huge hole into the frame what I would not do.
    Regarding stones or other things that could destroy it: never happened to me in the more than 20 years I'm running this setup
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  7. Did the same and still have it, but not so sure anylonger that its not counter productive. Ever had an oil leak in the Bus, and remember where the oil could be found?
    Will try it with a peace of fabric in the hole in the bonnet, and a camera filming where it goes at higher speed. Then I know better
  8. If you meant it as a joke, all fine except that you bring in my mum.
    Just a bit annoyed of 'original' evangelists on their disrespectful missionary tour, a growing species here in Germany especially when they just bought their california import and tell me whats wrong with my Bus that I own since 28 years.
  9. I know you meant it as a joke, so did I when I said about going up hills. Although if you have no interest in jap engines why comment on a thread about a Subaru conversion. To be honest I don’t really care about who has what engine in there bus, each to their as long as people are keeping them on the road.
  10. We will have a cheaper belly mount alternative soon
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  11. When are you starting trading officially?
  12. Hmmm....... dunno, April ISH maybe
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  13. Same here. My bus used to have the same rad setup and the previous owner had cut a hole under the license plate and it was cooling okay.

    If you (unlike the previous owner of my bus) don't do a right mess of the cut, you might even be able to weld the piece back in if you ever change to an in-between the rail rad setup.
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  14. how much will your rad set up be do you think?
  15. Should be about £450, it is aluminium rad with aluminium mount and scoop making it very light in comparison to RJES pack.

    We are working on it having an adjustable scoop too. So it can be raised/lowered for winter and summer and also going into fields etc.
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  17. Have I missed something ?? Are you going to be doing Scooby conversions ?? Or have I got it wrong ..
  18. Yes I am starting to do conversions
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  19. You can have a poke around Big G at Dub freeze and we can start to work out what mods will have to be done to keep ground clearance and engine protection...;)
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  20. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Can't argue with your engineering talent!


    Whose sorting the pulled pork baguettes....if you are outsourcing to @Baysearcher I for one refuse to discuss the merits of coleslaw with a man that big in such a small caravan/kitchen.
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