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  1. Hi has anybody got a clever way of getting extra air into the engine bay? My radiator is mounted at the back, would love to have an under mounted system but have more important things to spend my money on. My mechanic suggested trying to improve airflow to keep temp down.
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    You could put “Earz” on the intakes.
  3. Yeah did that and it did help but one flew off
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    Could you do something electric fan related
  5. Where in the engine bay did you place the Radiator? At the side?
    You need to make sure that the air has to leave the engine bay through the Radiator and cannot pass by anywhere. If its in the middle that is not possible, mine is in the right corner where you can do that. Anhow, I doubt that the amount of air coming in on a single side is enough, thats why I placed a second underneath the floor. Still they need the two fans, and not too occassionally...
    Additional measures: 78° Thermostate in the water circuit, and a two-staged Thermostate in the Radiator for the fans.
    Underfloor Radiator is not really an invest, just two pipes and any Radiator that fits between the frame
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  6. fit an air cooled engine :rolleyes:
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  7. Radiator sitting at the back. Looked at the fellows speed shop one and £480 just for rad without pipe work

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  8. Seen 2 rads mounted either side of the engine bay, with the fans pulling air through the side vents and through the rads and into the engine bay, where its dispersed downward via pressurisation
  9. Yeah I’ve seen that, do the batteries need to be moved as that’s were they sit ?
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  10. I want to be able to go up hills fully loaded
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  11. A couple of us have the RJES rad pack and then cut up T25 pipes to suit.
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  12. Yes
  13. One Radiator either side sounds like the easiest solution and is almost invisible from the outside. Yes, the battery needs to move somewhere else, but also the engine air filter needs to move as it would otherwise breathe hot air which is the last thing you would want.
    I think the location where you have the Radiator now is not the best idea, why should the air go through it? Without the fan that would not work at all
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    A front engined car has the rad with the hot air passing into the bay.
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  15. Shouldnt cause any issues, just as a standard car rad fan expels air into the engine bay. The amount of gaps around the engine should help disperse the heat, as for battery location just place it under the rock n roll bed
  16. Think the trick is to seal the rads against rear quarters so they draw all the air through the side vents, thus pressurising the engine bay and forcing air out the engine compartment, you'd need the highest possible CFM fan to draw the air through as its not a straight route like a front engined car
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  17. Yepp. But check from where they usually really breathe, the snorkel is usually at the side or ends even infront of the radiator. Some older cars indeed breathe the warm air, but consider how much fresh and cool air gets into the front engined bay compared to the Bus bay where the hot air would be pressed into the middle plus the heat from the engine itself plus exhaust heat.
    To avoid that (based on experience) I put the air filter into the left corner and separate that completely by a Metal Platte between the corner and engine.
  18. An aircooled engine will get up the hill slowly without overheating.
    If you accept that the aircooled air vents are good enough to move air to cool 70HP of some engine, then if you drive your Subaru like an aircooled T1 while you can not afford to fit proper air flow for the 150HP worth of radiators you really need you will be OK . Otherwise a job half done is worse than not doing it at all.
    That means going up steep hills at 20mph just like before....

    Or screw the Earz on properly next time.
  19. How do you disperse the rejected heat?? Out through the side vents??? Can only see this being problematic as your speed increases your fan is effectively pushing against a dead head?
  20. I brought it like this, and from what I can gather this how the original conversation were carried out. It isn’t over heating, I was just asking for peoples opinions on how to improve it. I did post it in the modified forum as not to offend the air cooled purists.
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